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  • He Thinks We're Just Rid'n

    The recent month of October for me has consisted of rainy weekends. This has made for cancelled trips to the pumpkin patch, muddy one-inning ball games and flooded out streets. I’ll never understand this Louisiana weather. Like ever! The sad thing about it is I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.  I am naturally a nature person so being cooped up in the house weekend after weekend I needed to get out and about, even if it was just for a short time, so in the mist of rain, (literally) on one Saturday afternoon with the sounds of an Xbox ringing in back ground, I told my son let’s go for a ride.

    Awe, do we have too, I wanna play my game, I don’t want too.

    So what does any ‘normal’ mother say after her child talks back?!

    I SAID, get in the car.

    As I thought, he quickly seen all the water and was incredibly excited.


    We drove around and I explained to him the dangers of high water and driving in bad weather but at the same time, while we were exploring around I made a game out of it and told him to take pictures of our adventure. This put him on cloud 9 and that’s when the documentation began of Cameron the Meteorologist. As he began to talk and explain the weather forecast in his eyes, I couldn’t help but shadow out his words with my thoughts of him being little for such a short time and enjoying these rainy days.

    Being able to bond with your child in a car is one of the best ways to get them to talk and open up to you about anything on their minds. Some of our ‘heaviest’ conversations have made for the best back seat talks. In fact, our little conversations started long before he could even talk in the back seat – AHH the joys those sleepless nights trying to get an infant to fall sleep.

    I couldn’t help but think of this song by Trace Adkins and even though it’s about a little girl, it represents the same meaning to me. However, this day, if you notice the super cool picture that my meteorologist took of his CD below was our jam. “The number one hits of travel ball season 2015” as he put in “Hit the Quan” and kept it on repeat. I’m still trying to figure out what a quan is!

    It’s theses memories that I’ll treasure. I encourage you to go out and play with your kids on a rainy day or take a ride after the storm clouds fade in the distance. Even if they want to stay plugged up to an Xbox all day, you wont regret your decision and neither will they.  



    Fast Forward same day.

    Same Rain.

    Trick-or-Treating Halloween night.


    And the current light rain that drizzled all day still lingering over us, with my mind wandering back to a 9-year-old kids jam in a car. Playing a game and pretending to be a meteorologist along the back roads after a thunderstorm.

    Such a breath of fresh air that he only thinks we’re just Rid’n!

    XOXO, Happy Weekend everyone, now get out and enjoy your kids before it’s too late!



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