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  • Closet Office Space: The Office

    I’m slowly going to bring out the skeletons in my closet and for starters, I’m bringing you the fancy and fabulous skeletons first 🙂

    I will be breaking my closet up in parts due to the over load of excitement that I have been working so hard on over the course of months.

    It’s sad but true, that in the mist of traveling and cancer that I have reconstructed and converted a room into my “closet/office” space. I needed this for myself, for my peace and meditation. I wanted to surround myself with things that make me happy. As it turned out, I spent most of my time crying looking at old pictures and reflecting on the new ones.

    IMG_7730 (2)

    To me a simple room can be pulled together just by the right characters. I knew I wanted every piece of furniture white. To me, white turns your frown upside down. It’s airy and it’s refreshing. It also allows you to focus on the shapes and details of your decorations. It’s peaceful, serenity and simple and that’s exactly what I need right now.

    IMG_7700 (2)

    I want guest walking into my home feeling comfortable and cozy but at the same time, I want my decor to be fun and fashionable. I found this textured lamp that screams: “touch me”. Don’t you just want to run your hand across it! Texture and details have always been important to me.

    IMG_7702 (2)

    I really hate the decorating look like all of your decorations came out of one store. I like to mix it up and try new ideas. The peace statue is great for an office space or bookshelf. To me sitting alone on a coffee table may throw your entire theme off. I placed it with a few books and this wood-man statue that my son drew a face on. Isn’t it cute! I had plan on leaving it all wood but you can’t leave kids alone with markers. You just can’t. However, kids art work make for some really great decor all in its own. I love to frame my son pictures. It really makes him feel special and it makes a house a home.

    IMG_7701 (2)

    IMG_7708 (2)

    Now since my office is in my closet, I had to incorporate my accessories into my space. Here is a neat idea to save space with with your heels and of course most of my pictures are of my mom and I.

    IMG_7712 (2)

    If your a bookworm like myself then displaying them is a must for me. I love to give different levels, whether standing them up or adding height to any decor.

    IMG_7759 (2)

    If you know me, then you know I love my chatbooks. Most of the time posting pictures on Instagram is mainly to add to my collections of books. It’s so much easier than scrapbooking and so affordable!

    IMG_7751 (2)

    Sunglasses are not normally what I invest my money in, only because I lose them or break them. I created a sunglasses hut just for fun and to add character.

    IMG_7758 (2)

    IMG_7737 (2)

    I found this affordable rug that makes it cozy and comfortable, as you can see someone has made himself very comfortable.

    IMG_7753 (2)

    I also found this super fun, fashionable flamingo lamp that runs off batteries, it has been one of my most favorite peices late afternoons to look at. I find myself glazing off in complete though of my life and my mom, many times.

    IMG_7713 (2)

    IMG_7716 (2)

    One day, I’m going to build a new home and design it just the way I want it, but for now this is what I have came up with. If you would like to hear the little stories behind a few decorations they you have seen, I will be happy to blog about  them. Everything has a meaning to me. Specially the two pictures on my desk. The picture of my mom and I is not the most photogenic picture I have of us but for some reason I just love it. I love it the most because it captures who we are together in our element. Funny. Silly. Completely scattered brain at times and never a dull moment with us together. That’s something I think about the most and will live with me forever is how we were never apart.

    IMG_7724 (2)

    Stay tuned for the closet in the office … 🙂

    if you would like to know where I purchased any of my items, leave me a comment below and I will be happy to share.




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