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  • Closet Office Space: The Closet

    Alright folks, I know I said this before, but I’m going to say it again – I don’t like clutter. Bless my mothers dear heart who, at times, can go overboard with knick knacks. I remember a good friend of mine walking into my mothers room and saying: “there’s a lot going on in here”, not that my mom waist money on cheap items because it’s just the opposite. My parents have always lived by the phrase: “you get what you pay for”, this has stuck with me on most of my purchases in life. To me, it’s kind of like buying an expensive dress then adding plastic jewelry to top it off, it just isn’t going to work and will throw off the entire outfit. So when decorating my closet/office island, I didn’t want any tacky knick knacks. Sorry mom.

    IMG_7691 (2)

    I wanted all my jewelry and accessories tucked away nice and neat, out of sight and only my special peices on display.IMG_7704 (2)

    I love trays to keep my perfumes on or to organize my make up it really makes it look more put together. For the rest of my accessories and jewelry I organized them into my island.

    IMG_7762 (2)

    IMG_7713 (2)

    IMG_7765 (2)

    IMG_7720 (2)

    IMG_7717 (2)

    How cute were my parents 😉

    IMG_7719 (2)

    Next on the list on how to keep your closet organized is color coding your clothes. I always start from smallest to largest, and then by color. Im very ocd when it comes to this, that is why I wanted to make sure I had space for maxi dresses, dresses, sweaters, pants, vest, ect.

    IMG_7777 (2)

    IMG_7693 (2)

    Shoes and purses, the same pattern. However, with my shoes I do like to keep a few shoe boxes, to wrap gifts in or just to kee them out on display. To me it adds a little more character to your closet.

    IMG_7779 (2)

    IMG_7769 (2)

    IMG_7748 (2)

    IMG_7716 (2)

    Scarfs and hats: if I had to chose one or the other to display it would be scarfs, there are so many beautiful fabrics when it comes to scarfs but if I was to pick one to wear permanent it would be hats.

    IMG_7763 (2)

    What is really special about most of my hats and scarves are that, they were hand made from my mother or my grand mother and yes even my great grandmother.

    IMG_7764 (2)

    I hope I have inspired or encouraged you in any way to get in your closet, throw away or give away your clutter, or organize your prize possessions in some way. I was a girl on a budget this go-around, but with a little paint it went a long way.




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