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  • Making It With Mom: Enchilada Dish

    There are a few things on my mind tonight as I am blogging. One is that I’m attempting to build my blog with new and fresh ideas I have been working on. So thank you for reading! When I first started this little blog I was so shy at first, I still am. I’m so afraid to put what I enjoy out there or what my heart longs for, for the world to judge but this little blog has brought a lot of joy to my life and I never thought it would be what it’s becoming today. And secondly my mom has been on my mind all day. I woke up and something hit me, that reminded me a cool Spring morning. The birds were chirping and I paused in that moment to think of what it would be if my mom wasn’t here with me. I started crying and praising the Lord as I took my second air in. I will always be in fear and carry such a deep scar of pain inside of me. I will always continue to journal about my mother’s cancer probably for the rest of my life and our journey down the road to Cancer Treatment Center of America but in-between the tears and fears, I want to journal about the little things that have made me happy and to look back on later on in life. Which brings me to my mothers cooking.

    My mom has always been a fabulous cook so I’m adding in a new category called “Making it with Mom”. All of these recipes will be coming from her and my family. In fact, she is rolling her eyes saying “Kacie you can’t cook”.

    and I’m sitting here laughing saying – no but YOU can, and I can eat it!

    I have always been a bit spoiled when it came to cooking. My parents have always done it for me. It’s not that I can’t cook but being the only child in life has made it all more enjoyable for me. 😉

    For instance if I was ever sick in the middle of the night my dad would always pour me a glass of cold coke with crunched up ice and my mom would trail behind him with a nice warm grilled cheese.

    Now being that my son is and will be the only grandchild they will ever have – the same pampering has applied to him, except with the exception of “nanny and pawpaw can cook it better”.
    So these recipes will be for those who love all things sweet and/or bland! And for myself so I can look back on pictures and her handwritten recipes

    Enjoy …

    The Enchilada Dish 

    image image

    First  thing first – cook your beans in a crockpot or if you choose not you can do canned beans instead. If you are cooking them in crockpot my mom always cook them in chicken broth.

    Secondly – season and brown your ground meat. My mom always uses onion and garlic. I don’t know how much just do your normal seasonings. She also adds

    1 package of enchilada seasoning mix

    I can of tomato paste

    Next – is layering, she starts with the beans and meat on the bottom first, layer of tortillas, then cheese … Repeat until as thick as you like.

    *Using the right tortillas is KEY to the best enchiladas

    My mom uses the gluten free corn shells. The brand name is Mission and they are the yellow corn tortillas

    bake at 350• for 30 minutes


    Next important KEY is the cornbread. My mom always makes her corn bread in an iron skillet, it really makes the best crust



    Top it off with sour cream and a happy dance across the room until you have to talk about how bloated and stuff you are and always hug yo momma for a wonderful meal!




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