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  • Making It With Mom: Easy Egg Rolls

    Some of my favorite things are festivals. Especially the smell of the food, deep fried corn dogs and funnel cakes! Oh the great Ole’ American way right? Unfortunately this post is not going to be a healthy choice but the more I’m learning about cooking and getting the chance to make some awesome memories with my mom, I’m not going to pass up anything, deep fried or not!
    So here is my mother’s deep fried egg roll recipe and the joy of cooking together.

    One head of cabbage.
    One bag of shredded carrots
    2 pds ground beef
    Egg roll wraps
    TexJoy Steak Seasoning




    Brown ground meat and add vegetables

    cook on low and stir occasionally for 10 mintues

    season with TexJoy seasoning


    How to roll your ingredients in your egg roll wraps:

    The best way to explain rolling your egg rolls are too place your wraps on wax paper or tin foil. Make sure one of the corners of the wrap is facing your belly when rolling.

    place your cooked meat and veggies in center of shell

    start with the bottom corner and roll meat over once

    take the right corner and fold over the roll

    then take the left corner and roll over your right

    complete the roll by folding the roll to the top corner


    Deep fry your egg roll 3 mintues on each side

    we use a fry daddy with peanut oil at 375.



    Now a healthier choice is substituting the ground meat with shrimp and baking. Both will taste delicious! Enjoy with sweet and sour sauce.

    Ok story time peps!

    I’m not going to say “happy” world cancer day because what is happy about cancer but if you’re not aware that today is World Cancer Day, it is.

    When my mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, my world as I knew it was over, instantly over! But my world quickly expanded to new education, new medical terms, a sea of doctors and labs and one amazing hospital that this new world would change our life forever. Being able to cook with my mom now and see her stand up in the kitchen washing dishes are the little things that people take for granite. It reminds me to stay alert and aware for every gift of beauty from God and that even in the darkest times, our own transformations are gifts.
    I hope that through blogging it can touch a patient, family member, caregiver like me or anyone who has been touched with cancer. This is my journey of expressing my life and maturing through love and prayer because from this day forward I may be a stranger to you but knowing we are all in this together.

    A battle of Hope!







    1. March 17, 2016 / 11:38 am

      With this guide I can make it in my own. The information are very organize.

      • Kacie
        March 17, 2016 / 11:45 am

        Thank you for the comment! And I hope it works out well for you 😊

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