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  • Tips For Your Holiday Card Giving This Season

    Since my last recent trip to the Cancer Treatment Center, I have been laying low and making the most out of the upcoming holidays with my family. When you don’t really get an A+ report dealing with cancer, it really puts life in perspective and makes you thankful for the time God gives you.

    Every. Second. Of. It.

    That is why this holiday season I’m thankful for the simple things. I’m thankful for this past Thanksgiving morning waiting for the sunrise with my parents and I’m thankful for the coffee we were drinking in that moment. We were never able to completely see the sunrise behind the thick cloud, but His presence was felt all the same. I paused, took a deep breath, and said, Thank You Lord, you know how to reset me.

    That is why this year I’m filling out my own handwritten Christmas cards. To me there’s something about a handwritten card that goes far and beyond, rather than just a “Merry Christmas” post on your social media feed. This Christmas, I’m going back to the traditional things. Instead of getting out my camera, I’m getting out my favorite colored pen and telling someone how special they are to me or how they have been comforting, inspirational or refreshing to me this year.

    This year, why don’t you do the same. Keep it simple. Reset someone’s spirits. If you’re looking where to turn for inspiration, check out The Catholic Company. They have an assortment of unique and gorgeous cards. No worries if you find yourself at a loss for words when it comes to putting pen to paper, just let the cards do the talking for you! Below is the perfect example of that and the perfect example of why we celebrate Christmas in the first place.



    If you are at a loss for words here are five tips

    1. Use your card as a Christmas gift tag.
    2. Let your kids color their favorite Christmas pictures inside
    3. Send your card in a framed picture
    4. Highlight a brief summery of your day, what you ate, how the weather was, what Christmas song you’re into this holiday or your favorite bible scripture.
    5. Or simply be fishermen of men and spread random acts of kindness in your neighbors mailboxes



    Below are a few more of my favorite Christmas cards from The Catholic Company and remember to use code: KACIECARLSON at check out to receive 20% off your orders.







    Happy Shopping,


    **This post is in collaboration with The Catholic Company.


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