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  • Happy Valentine's Day from ParadiseRoads: A Mother's Love

    When I think of the word “Love” one of the first things that come to mind is my mom. I’m sure you have all heard of these quotes:

    A mothers touch

    A mothers love

    A mothers instinct

    Whether we have a large circle of influence or we have the opportunity to share a close bond with a few around us, every day our actions and love are making a mark on someone for the better or for worse. (I hope for better)



    My mother is one of those people who has made my life of both. Let me explain…

    She is who I am today. I am just like her. You know that old saying: “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. Guess who the apple is? Me. I’ve definitely inherited her worry gene, I cry over the most ridiculous subjects and I’m an over protective mother as she once was with me. “Thank you Pam Hennigan!” The good news is, I’m creating and living the same childhood memories my mom once gave me with my own child.  I want to share a few memories of how my mom has shown her love to me through the years. My mom is my best friend, my sister and the only mother I will ever know. I hope you all feel this way about your mothers and if you don’t, take the time to create a bond with your child like this. Here are the ways my mother has touched, loved, and had the best instincts with me throughout my life…



    Then: I cried my way through kindergarten. I would cry so much that my mom would pack a warm damp washcloth in a Ziploc bag for me. She knew a washrag was like a security blanket for me.

    Now: I still cry, just now it’s through cancer. She still brings me a warm damp washcloth. The first day my parents came to my house to break the news to me she made sure she had a washcloth for me. only now I’m not a cute little girl with tears, but ugly, swollen faced sobs.


    Then: In jr. high school my mom took a low paying job as a custodian, just so she could hang out with me. It was some of the best memories hanging out with her after school. I wasn’t embarrassed at all. My friends and I loved cutting up with her in between class.

    Now: When my son was born with Hydrocephalus, my mom feared her grandson wouldn’t have the proper therapy he needed as a premature baby with a disability. She showed her love to her grandson, her son-in-law and myself. She voluntarily quit her job to take care of her grandbaby. I will always be grateful for those days.


    Then: On Valentine’s Day she would always get these huge boxes of chocolate. Her and I would always pick through the assorted box of chocolates, leaving the nasty and broken ones for my dad. We would fight over the dark chocolate. It was a fast game of “finders keepers”.

    Now: We still leave the nasty and broken ones for my dad.




    Then: In school, my mom gave me the best Valentine’s Day party ever one year. She spent weeks making homemade heart-shaped decorations and glittered everything out the WAA-ZOO! Showing my mom how to tootsie roll was one of the funniest memories.

    Now: I’ve taken her same talents and gave my son the same parties. I hope he will always remember his birthdays and his special little valentine’s party I gave him. Now my son is teaching me how to dab and every other latest jig he knows.




    Then: One time for Valentines Day my dad came home with a beautiful assortment of roses. The next day an argument took place and my sassy momma tossed the entire assortment of roses out the front door.

    Now: We laugh consistently over that. “Hey remember when you tossed the flowers out the door”. It was the funniest thing now to talk about.




    Then: My mom planned every detail of my wedding with love. From every flower, she made, to every string pearl she hung down the aisle. It was amazing mom. Thank you.

    Now: She as picked out every detail of flowers for her funeral. Ok, I said, I wasn’t going to cry nor talk about cancer. So I’m going to end it with these wonderful memories and rejoice in these Valentines Day pictures with my best friend.


    Happy Valentines Day loves,


    ***All photos are captured by: http://www.jocelynphillipsphotography.com/



    1. Mel
      February 14, 2017 / 7:05 pm

      Priceless.. I love to read …your words are amazing.

      • Kacie
        February 15, 2017 / 7:30 am

        Thank you for reading my friend. I love you

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