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  • Port Bolivar Ferry | Travel Tips

    I have always heard, Kacie, you need go on a cruise. Wrong-O … I have zero desire to EVER go on one. I will be honest I’m even hesitant to ‘cruise’ on a ferry. My travel friend, (partner in crime) Anna, and I certainly didn’t consider ourselves ‘cruisers’ on this day! The wind and weather was a complete and total BOMB! The wind was blowing our hair and bodies all over the place. Have you ever tried walking in heels on a ferry? I just knew I was going to blow overboard. However, Anna delivered some awesome fashion pictures. Here are some things you might like to know about the Port Bolivar Ferry when you are thinking about cruising to Galveston, Texas. If you stroll down you will find the link to the hours of operation and departure of the ferry.

    • The ferry is free of charge.

    • There are so many places to fish off the bank with your family. If you don’t catch anything, catch a ride on the ferry, (without your vehicles) walking on the ferry is a must for a fun cruise ride and back with the kiddos. Save your fishing bait or sandwich crust because you can feed the seagulls at the back of the boat. ***you can feed the seagulls in the back of the boat only.

    • Enjoy the fresh sea breeze and you can see large ships go through the ship channel. Priceless for kids

    • Be sure to go to the bathroom before you get there, however, I believe there are bathrooms located on the second story of the ferry.

    • Great way to dolphin watch. So many dolphins and seagulls to watch along your ferry tour.

    • The barge actually moves pretty fast for a ferry. If you get motion sickness, I suggest you focus on objects in distance. Bring peppermints or take the Houston route. Ginger to ease the stomach. Love smelling ginger!

    • In the busy months be prepared to wait. Or ‘peak hours’ during the morning or afternoon rush

    • Evenings are the best to watch a beautiful sunset across the channel

    • The ferry does not allow for pets to be outside of the boat.

    Don’t forget these items on your next ferry ride

    • Binoculars

    • Mosquito spray

    • Lip balm  and hand sanitizer

    • Towel or wipes

    **tip … when packing for a vacation or if you know you are going to be going on a ferry, have a ‘ferry ride’ bag packed in advance. Zip lock bags are the best for little adventures like these.

    Items to feed seagulls

    • Bread

    • Cherrios | Cereals

    • Unshelled Nuts | chips

    They will eat anything and everything

    Items to NOT feed seagulls

    • Rice

    • Sunflower seeds

    • Any seeds with shells

    *** tip …. it’s important to run your car through the car wash after getting off the ferry. The sea breeze and saltwater is not good for your vehicles.

    Black and white top | Boston Proper (old) | Jeans | Victoria Secrets (old) Pink Coat |JustFab

    Pictures by Anna Buller

    Location Galveston Ferry Information




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