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  • Hi From New Orleans | A Quick French Quarter Guide

    I was able to spend a few hours exploring the streets of New Orleans with one of my sweet friends Anna who happens to be an amazing photographer. I have put together a simple travel guide if you are spending those short lived hours around the French Quarter.

    As we grew a part of the crowded streets of Decatur Street, we realized we were in the mist of the French Quarter Festival! Imagine that! Therefore, for a little elbow room to move around we decided to take a side street off Decatur. We came across these huge balloons, which were so much fun to play in.

    1. Take a casual (but safe) side street – you never know what you will come across for great pictures and memories!

    The side street led us right in the center of Royal Street and if you don’t know Royal Street is famous for historical art galleries and antiques. So, rather you are looking for a rare piece of art work, a beautiful hanging chandelier, or your favorite soap bomb from Lush, you are likely to find it on Royal Street.

    2. You can’t go wrong shopping or touring the art galleries and antiques stores down Royal Street.

    Now since the streets were a bit claustrophobic feeling. We stopped at the first place on the corner to grab a bit to eat, which was New Orleans Hamburgers & Seafood Company. Below are a few other places I have enjoyed dining around the French Quarter when not so crowded.

    3. Quick places to dine in the French Quarter

    • Pat O’s On The River (views and drinks)

    • Mothers (great for late night dinner)

    • The Market Café (breakfast or snack)

    • Café Roma (trendy)

    • Gumbo Shop (culture)

    No trip to New Orleans would be complete without out some local location photography!

    4. Photography Locations

    • Café Du Monde (perfect for those coffee shots)

    • Jackson Square (perfect for street style)

    • Bywater (Colorful Neighborhood)

    • St. Louis Cathedral (authentic feel)

    • French Market (shopping shots)

    Pictures | Anna Buller

    Best Wishes,



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