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  • Sunday Best Dressed | Five Items I Like To Have On Hand When Dressing My Best

    Welcome to February on Paradise Roads. I don’tknow what trends I’m loving the most right now. I don’t know if it’s BIG over-size sweaters, 50 shades of pink, earthy tones and animal prints, or bold dress suits, but I’m hoping to provide you with a few of these trends this year.

    There’s a woman who has inspired me by a new series I would like to bring to the blog this year called, ‘Sunday Best Dressed’. This women is not only fighting her way through cancer and lymphedema, but she continues to deliver your packages with a brave face.

    Every morning she is glowing in a stylish outfit that is catered around her lymphedema, and her hair is perfectly feathered like the mordant Farrah Fawcett she is. When I see her I think, there is absolutely no reason that I can’t apply myself more at least once a week, as she is doing this daily. My mother has inspired this new series I’m eager to get started on. Here is the first look of a ‘Sunday Best Dressed’.

    Anthropologie and Boston Proper are my favorite upscale’ websites and although I don’t shop on them very often, on occasions I do treat myself here and there to something special. My latest treat from Boston Proper was this pink and blackoutlined dress. If you catch BP sales just right, you can find an affordable outfit for the season. 

    I’ve been saving this dress to share with you on the blog, and I think my dear friend Anna Buller captured this perfect rainy (#ootd) look. She really knows how to demonstration her photography skills to bring a perfect ‘Sunday Best look in the gloomiest of weather. 

     Here are some items I keep close, when I’m in my ‘Sundays Best Dressed’.

    1. Jewelry Pouch
    2. Tide To Go 
    3. Polish Remover Wipes
    4. Compact brush/comb/mirror
    5. Hanky – for those church tears

     Best Wishes,

    Kacie Carlson

    *** all pictures by, Anna Buller


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