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  • Tips When Styling Vintage And Delicate Pieces

     When I’m dressing my “Sunday Best” I always gravitate toward the loss full skirts and yards of lace. Which I’m trying to corporate more into my daily wear. If you’d like to incorporate romantic period pieces into your daily life, the first thing I recommend is making a trip to your local thrift shop.

    Almost every time I run into the local thrift shop, I find modern fashions in many size ranges that you can pair with any romantic pieces. My favorite tip is to button what I can and cover it with a cardigan. Another tip of mine is keeping my vintage pieces separate from my daily clothing and only wear them for special occasions. Like church on Sundays, blogger shoots, weekends, etc. Most romantic and vintage pieces are like wearing tissue paper, meaning that it tears or rips extremely easily. Like this big knit sweater, I’m wearing in this shoot. Even though it’s a bulky sweater the yarn can become easily damaged. 


    Another element is a great hairstyle. While a full vintage hairstyle might look a bit too dated, a loose messy bun or a braided updo looks great with a romantic/vintage look. I also love to style my hair down for these types of shoots, because there is nothing more beautiful than flowy locks. If you have thin hair try adding some dry shampoo before styling to give it a bit of extra volume! In addition, another trend I’m seeing a lot of are sparkly hair pins. Don’t ever be afraid to experiment!  


    Lastly another trend I love seeing right now are the Victorian style boots paired with a modern outfit to give it a hint of the past. However, I did find these white pumps from, The Clothes Depot and I couldn’t pass them up with this outfit post. You never know what you can come across at a thrift store so don’t be scared to walk in and try on clothes or accessories. These spike pumps are from the Jessica Simpson line and they are in mint condition. I love them and they are the perfect white for this spring season.

    As you can see there are many ways to add bits and pieces of the past into your daily wear. This has been one of the most fulfilling wardrobe choices that Ive made. I try to constantly stick with modern trends while gravitating toward historically inspired fashion here and there. It makes me feel more like my true self. 

     Photographer: Anna Buller 
     Location: Downtown Baton Rouge 
     Dress: Anthropologie
     Shoes: local thrift store: Clothes Depot 
     Bag: Vintage gave to by an Aunt 
     Sweater: Casa Benedetta (McKinney, Texas) 

    Best Wishes, 
    Kacie Carlson


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