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  • 2019 Baseball Season Opening Day Cowboy Tournament

    Our first weekend back on the field was at the Cowboy Tournament in Sulphur, La. It was an absolutely gorgeous, yet foggy, spring morning.

    When the boys took the field for the first time, I couldn’t get over how big they have grown within a years time. Seriously, they are becoming little man right before our eyes!!

    If you haven’t had a chance to watch these guy locally, you need too! These boys came out with the sticks swinging and as a result winning our first game 16-6 against a team called, War Baseball. 

    Xtreme ended the Cowboy Tournament on Sunday afternoon, taking home the victory gold championship ring!

    One of the things I love the most about Xtreme baseball is that there is hardly any competition with out-shining another player on the field. So many teams these days seem to become obsessed with the idea that you need step-it-up or else there’s no point in playing at all.

    This is not the case with team Xtreme. Sure, we have some outstanding players who will go far in their personal development and achievements. However, our coaches don’t focus only on those particular stars. In fact, I remember at one point during an inning I heard one of our coaches holler, “are y’all having fun”?!

    I, myself think, if you are picked to be on any team, you have a talent regardless of what you bring to the field.

    Each player on Xtreme has the opportunity to get the most out of themselves, and that’s the benefit of a parent watching from the stands, or for me, through my lens.

    Best wishes and see ya next weekend on the field

    Kacie Carlson

    Location: Sulphur Complex

    Gold Ring: USSA Tournament Champions

    Beak Down Of The Weekend:

    Saturday Game 1

    War Baseball 16-6

    Saturday Game 2

    Southern Express 5-4 with Southern Express taking the win

    Sunday Game 1

    Sliders 9-1

    War Baseball 8-7

    ****which put us in the finals competing for the gold ring

    Champion Baseball 12-7


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