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  • When It’s Candy Apple Season On Healthy Paradise Roads

    One of the things I love the most about fall is all the fall festivals, but now that I’m learning to change my lifestyle I’ve decided to copy-cat a few of the fair goodies – Arbonne style!!

    1. Arbonne believes in green apples and nothing goes better with green apples than caramel!!

    2. You can’t have just any sugary goodness though, so this is why I topped the apples no other than the Arbonne “Fit Chews” you can purchase right on their website! They are 24.00 BUT you can get them a wee bit cheaper if you’re a preferred client. Take a look …

    3. I had 8 chews left and dextrose save them to experiment with. Once unwrapped I placed chews in microwave for about 25 seconds.

    4. Once the caramel was nice and bubbly I took four (small) green apples and dipped them down in the gooey goodness!! The fit chews really melted like a dream, and wrapped around the apples to perfection!

    5. Since I only had a few candies to experiment with it worked out perfect! 8 chews made enough for 4 apples.

    6. Toppings! I did pecans and shredded coconut.

    All of this new experimenting got me to wondering just how the other fit chews would melt with other fruits!

    think about it, chocolate fit chews melted around bananas …

    Or lemon fit chews melted into a perfectly made Arbonne cookie or cake!!

    I normally just have the fit chews in my purse or desk, but now finding how well they melt and how easy they are for drizzling, it’s a game changer!!

    Consultant Website Here

    Best Wishes,



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