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  • 15 Things To Do This January To Better Your 20/20

    Welcome to the first month of slow living in 20/20. This year, each month I’ll be posting 15 things to do with our time, energy and money! I’m a firm believer in the compatibility of slow living. Lets take a day or two each month to focus on quality over quantity and applying the slow living to your health and happiness. It’s a proven fact that rest increases creativity, health and wellbeing! Here are 15 things to do this January…

    1. Drop off a bag of clothes to the donation center. Any donation center. Google the ones in your town and see which one works best for you.
    2. Be the first one at work and have a quiet cup of tea. I say tea because I’m really enjoying my tea from Arbonne. Here is the recipe I use and the link for the tea. Paradise Roads Facebook page and Arbonne link here:  http://kaciecarlson24912406.arbonne.com/
    3. Sit and read up on your favorite designers. Do they represent who you are? Do they support originations like you? There are a couple of high name designers that support abortion. I no longer purchase ANY of their products. Let me know what you find out about your favorites!
    4. Organize a trash pickup day in your neighborhood or city. You can do this by simply going for a walk around your neighborhood.
    5. Ask a neighbor if they need anything from the store or slip a friendly card by their door step.
    6. Spend an afternoon organizing old photos.
    7. Wear a piece of jewelry you haven’t worn in years. Where something of your husbands for the day. You can make a cute tie oh-so stylist.
    8. Dress up and eat dinner in a nice restaurant alone.
    9. Go on line and learn new dances.
    10. Invite friends over for dinner and make it a picnic, especially in the winter.
    11. Sew vintage buttons on a white blouse.
    12. Over-tip at a restaurant and write a thank you note on the check
    13. Learn a good joke and practice saying it  – I have 2
    14. Drunk any drink out of a wine glass! My best friend loves doing this. In her words, “it’s fun”!
    15. Practice you’re penmanship.

    What would you like to add to the list? You still have a lot of days left in January to live simple for a day.

    Best Wishes,



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