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  • An Arbonne 30 Day Roundup | January


    For a long while, I’ve been very conscious of what I’m putting into my body. It started for me when I discovered I was becoming out of control, with particularly my bad eating habits to highly processed FOODS. Being a lover of food, quitting the JUNK was very hard for me to do. First I moved to gluten free alternatives, NONGMO, (you know the fancy, appealing words you see on the labels!)but introducing high levels of these standard supermarket alternatives brought about a whole new set of issues (with a lot of sugar and artificial ingredients in many of them) so eventually I decided to go cold turkey – no processed foods, and no alternatives – just a simple plan that not only changed my life for the better, but help bring my dad’s health to a new level with whole foods in their natural form, from the Arbonne30.

    We did it together, and good gravy did we feel the change! Our bodies loved it. And that led us down a path of learning so much about what we are putting into our bodies, and about why organic, pure produce really is worth investing into (yep – think of what you spend fueling your body as an investment – into your long term health), and about how important our gut health, and having a healthy gut microbiome, is for pretty much… EVERYTHING! We are finding that being on the Arbonne30 is allowing us to take control of what we AREeating very effectively, and form new habits really well.


    I became an Arbonne consultant. I’ll be honest I didn’t think I was going to inspire many of you. I’d thought I’d post a few pictures and share my dad’s incredible weight loss story and that would be the end of that. But thankfully you guys are being to see the importance of what Arbonne has to offer! Bonus – Dr. Manahan and Dr. Geisler are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to living your best sustainable life, and are here to help answer any questions you might have for them. However, as your Arbonne consultant, I would like to address the simple questions I’m frequently asked.

    The biggest question: What do you do after the 30 days to healthy living?

    First off, congratulate yourself and start incorporatinghealthy food into your life! My dad and I reorder the protein powder and tea. We only detox every few months. However, FIZZ STICKS for life!

    2. Can you eat meat on this plan?

    YES! Any freshwater meat along with any grass fed beef.

    3. Is this plan safe for kids and pregnant women?

    100% YES! However, we do NOT suggest neither kids nor pregnant woman using the detox tea, or the 7 day cleanse.


    1. Around 60% of whatever we put on our skin topically goes into our bloodstream pretty quickly!
    2. In the same way that our gut needs certain foods and healthy bacteria to flourish, by the way of fermented foods, probiotics, and prebiotics – our skin also has an ecosystem that also needs certain types of bacteria to function in a healthy way. They are similar in that both the gut and the skin microbiomes are eco systems. Many of the chemicals in our beauty products and soaps can be detrimental to our skin’s microbiome. And then we try to repair this but putting on more lotions and products laden with harmful ingredients. Which then puts under body under more stress, as it is constantly working hard to detox!!
    3. Ladies, what we put in our bodies greatly effect our hormones
    4. You pay for what you get: Arbonne has chosen to go into this industry with a more mindful approach, creating products that are better for our health and the environment around us. Arbonne is an investment toward your health!
    5. There are so many things I could discuss with you here, but i would encourage you to do your own research through the Arbonne website here: http://KacieCarlson24912406.arbonne.com/



    MAKE UP:






    Drink lots of pure, filtered water with your fizz sticks. Water is everything for your gut and skin
    Try adding collagen into your routine. Collagen is what our skin, nails and hair needs to remain youthful, strong and glowing. It is missing from most modern diets, but an easy way to add it in is with some collagen powder that you add to your water.
    If you ordered a new flavor like the Marble Cake powder and you DON’T like it, try mixing it with the chocolate or vanilla powder. One scoop of marble cake, one scoop of chocolate …. This way you don’t waste any powder or money!
    Out of raw peanut butter? Try throwing any nuts into your shake blender. I love pecans!
    Choose organic, in season produce whenever possible. What we get from the vegetables we eat, the nutrients and the vitamins, is completely dependent on the soil it has grown in. You want to know that the soil is rich and thriving, and that no nasties or pesticides have been sprayed onto what your eating or the soil it has grown in.

    I hope this post has been helpful to you, or interesting/useful! Have you switched over to Arbonne? I’d love to hear your reasons and experience!!

    Best Wishes,
    Kacie Carlson


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