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  • Paradise Roads Is Expanding With UNeedAShed And Derksen Buildings

    For years, I’ve wanted an Air Stream camper. You know those campers that are wrapped in tin metal and polished perfectly to a shine! Yep, an Air Stream Bambi was always on my dream bucket list. Well, last year I was really serious about getting one! So serious, I made it to the camper lot! BUT my family talked me out of it! They said I would never use it for traveling much, it was a waste of money, and that it would be this beautiful camper to look at sitting in my yard. I sadly agreed, and that was the end of that. However, it’s still in the back of my mind. I think I always wanted an Airstream because it would be a space just for me. Something I could escape in and have a little fun decorating.

    Once I got on board selling Arbonne my mind really started racing on how I could promote the products I believe in. I did think of purchasing a camper of some sort. This way I could bring my products with me and travel around as a vendor. But that wasn’t practical either. Then I thought, you know what, I’m just going to get a shed and sell it out of the comfort of my own home. And that is exactly what I’m going to do.

    Although, selling Arbonne is not the only idea I have in mind. I want to create a space for blogger meet-ups and workshops. I space where I can medicate and pray. I space where I can dig deeper in my Catholic faith. I space for my friends to escape too. Those are things that are inspiring this shed.

    So in the later part of 2019 I started working on the design of the shed. Then my mother was sent home to hospice. That killed everything for me. My drive to live was being tested in every way. So you could imagine what dreams I had were totally crushed. Then my mom died.

    So trying to pick back up the pieces now from grief, I decided to continue this project. I project I could build from the ground up to keep my mind busy.  During serval months of dreaming and talking about what I’d one day wanted to create, I finally made the final blueprints of the shed. A new project I plan to roll out with my blog, geared towards giving and sharing, and then the dream really expanded! But as the dream expanded, and became quite solidified in my mind – I realized I was going to need a bigger space than I’d originally thought. I had no idea how it would happen, but I kept dreaming and building this project up in my mind. I talked about this space so often I could walk around my house and visualize the many days spent in this shed for hours in my mind. It’s hard to explain this to people…but I think you can understand where I’m going with this.

    I would spend many afternoons designing my shed on the 3D Shed Builder. The website has so many different ways to design your building. I started clicking on all the options they had to offer. Do I want lap? Or do I want metal? Do I want big windows? Do I want French doors? The possibilities were really endless and even though it was only on a computer screen Icould vision it all. In early January I drove down the driveway to a place called, UNEEDASHED where I’d hoped to bring my dreams to life for the first time. Where I met a lovely lady named, Wendy, she helped me in a big way through many, MANY emails back and forth. She even made the comment that I inspired her to design a space for herself. That really made me smile so big. I love connecting with people in those ways, and I love being about to hug someone through the connection.

    I’ve never built anything before. In fact, I don’t own any tools other than a screwdriver and a hammer so doing all the interior work, will be very interesting to say the least. As soon as the shed arrives, I’ll be digging into all of that stuff later. All of which I’ll share with you along the way. I’ll be spending much of my time all day, every day working on the inside and out. If you need me, you’ll know where I’ll be! I’ll be adding white shiplap for the walls and I still don’t know if I want dark or light flooring down… but whatever I decide I know it will be a cozy livable space!

    So… here’s some before pictures of the building process and styling notes. There’s also a small list of great ideas I have in mind! If there’s anything you’d love to know please reach out or comment below!



    The first thing I started working on was the “blueprint” I began building through the Derksen Portable Building website, and chose the 3D Shed Builder. This will take you straight to your first click. I chose the shiplap siding loft barn cabin with a front porch. I love the fact that you can choose so many options like the colors, width and length of your building, and so much more! I chose to cover the roof with metal. This part was difficult for me, because they have a wide range of colors to choose from. However, I only went back and forth with two colors – white and black. I ended up going with black. In fact, I went all black everything! Black shiplap, black trim, and black roof, I personally think black is very chic and will make the vision I have for my flowers and greenery pop very nicely.


    Two lofts will be on either side, so one will be for lounging and the other will have many shelves for books, etc.

    Big Screen TV with a VCR and media spot. *I’ll be sharing old home videos of my mom soon. So stay tuned for that.

    Laying the floor

    Decorating – will be an open space with puff pillows and rugs to chill during game nights

    3 windows will overlook my back yard. This is what I’m most excited about, watching the sun come up.

    I do wish I could have made the length and width wider, but it’s all within my budget and I’m over the moon excited for a cozy space.

    Stay tuned and best wishes,

    Kacie Carlson


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