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  • Easy Blogging Tips And A February Round Up

    From the moment I started blogging, I had goals and dreams of what I wanted out of it. One thing was to document my moms cancer journey, not only for me to look back on, but for my son Cameron to see what we went through. Second, I wanted my blog to be a source of inspiration for others. These two reasons have became a huge motivation to spark other reasons that have always been in the back of my mind. Lastly, all of these reasons are like a recipe for my blogging adventures, to work harder, and to aim to be a positive influence for not only myself, but for who ever crosses Paradise Roads.

    I have been rejected, told no, and disappointed so many times throughout my blogging journey. This has only taught me lessons along the way. This has also came with a lot of tears, and the thoughts of not being good enough. On the other hand, this has been the added fuel I have needed to turn not only my blog around, but my attitude on life around.

    So far 2020 has been the biggest jump start to Paradise Roads and hopefully these blogging tips and motivations will spark a jump start to your own blog. 

    1. you are going to be rejected, you will be told NO, and you will feel like giving up. Time is everything. Even if it’s years down the road. 
    2. Never stop being yourself. Your followers want to see real life. 
    3. Be comfortable posting the pictures that didn’t turn out just right. Post them anyways. I have so many pictures I HATE on Paradise Roads, but the are real and raw. 
    4. Look back and be proud at whatever you have wrote and pictures you have taken. I look back and see all the grammatical errors I have done. I will never be the English major, but nor do i want to be. this is me, this is who i am. 
    5. You have to be able to leave the negative behind. I haven’t had too many negative comments, but the trolls are out there and people will always judge. We are all human. However, this is how you grow. 
    6. Learn from other blogs, but never copy them. 
    7. Learn when it’s time to invest and upgrade your blog. I use a few great plug-ins like jetpack, and always invest in a program that  you can save your pictures and writing material.

    Prehaps this can help you during your blogging journey.

    Now, here is a February round up from Paradise Roads… 

    1. I planted two rows of roses. 
    2. My dad and I built a beautiful wood fence. 
    3. My lil’ black studio finally came. 
    4. Cameron was heartbroken over a Sadie Hawkins dance, because not one silly girl asked him. 🙁 
    5. Booked tickets for VEGAS! 
    6. Cut bangs for VEGAS! and colored hair SUPER blonde 
    7. Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. 
    8. Painted with grams at church. We totally bombed it, but it was so much fun! 
    9. Had the best Galentines party 
    10. Little Flower Novena 9th-17th
    11. St Peter Novena 
    12. One month down on the St. Bridget prayers 
    13. Mardi Gras in Mamou! THE BEST TIME EVER!! 
    14. Cameron had his first baseball practice. Bittersweet as this will be our last year with Xtreme Baseball 
    15. LENTEN SEASON started! I gave up online shopping this year. What? That’s actually hard not to buy one thing online for 40 days! 
    16. Had breakfast with my mom and brought her, her favorite glazed doughnut. 

    i miss my mom more than anyone could ever imagine. 

    Best Wishes,




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