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  • 10 Lessons I’ve Learned From Mother Angelica On Earthly Happiness

    Mother Angelica is undoubtedly one of my favorite spiritual mentors on EWTN. I look forward to my Tuesday nights tuning into the Mother Angelica Classics. At times, I feel like she really speaks right to my heart through the television screen. I was first introduced too her when i was a little girl, and not knowing at the time, I would return back to her in my adulthood. Mother Angelica generally boost your mood, and for me it’s the encouragement to unwind after a particularly long/stressful work day. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned from Mother Angelica.

    1. On earth, you and I want happiness. But life is fraught with a little bit of bitterness, even when we’re happy. That’s because, as soon as we have something that makes us happy, we’re afraid we’re going to lose it. Happiness here on earth, is always bittersweet. We get so attached to this happiness that we become devastated when we lose it.
    2. We live in an age when we delude ourselves about where real happiness is found
    3. We haven’t fully grasped the beautiful truth of Gods fatherly love and comfort and forgiveness
    4. Who else gives us a clean sheet in life?
    5. Holiness in this life is not complicated. It consists of one thing: the will of God.
    6. Know who you are and where you’re going.
    7. When we die, our bodies stay here. They go back to the dust from which we were created. But our souls rise and are judged. The first thing you see when you die is Jesus. We see God. Face-to-face. We hear His voice. Can you imagine what that will be like?
    8. He gives us the grace to be transformed.
    9. One earth we are always fighting the good fight.
    10. Don’t listen to the world, listen to the word.

    I also would like like to add a few scriptures.

    1. ACTS 7:59-60
    2. John 3:13
    3. Isa 1:18
    4. John 16-22
    5. Pet 4:12-14
    6. John 15:15
    7. Exod 3 3:20
    8. ACTS 7:55-56
    9. Mark 9:3
    10. Mark 12-25


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