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  • Feast Of St. Francis

    Before I share today’s post here is the low down on our fur buddy. We adopted him 4 years ago at Pet Smart. To be honest, I think adoption is the way to go with an animal.

    A. They already come fixed

    B. They give the best love and will thank you forever!

    We seen him sitting in the “jail van” looking pitifully cute saying “I’m the one, pick me”! He fit into our lifestyle right away and does really well as an inside dog. Now, when picking his name, I allowed a 5-year-old, (at the time) to have full force of this responsibility. SOO … my little WWE champion picked the name “RyBack”. (RyBack was one of the coolest dudes in WWE at the time) So now we are faithfully stuck with this name.

    Today is a national holiday in my eyes.


    Because it’s the Feast Of St. Francis of Assisi, but first off, just let me say these pictures crack me up! I couldn’t help but laugh in the moment of hearing the song, “Who Let The Dogs Out” in my head … Woof, Woof!

    Feast Of St. Francis is celebrated on Oct. 4th each year. The feast commemorates the life of St Francis, who is the Catholic Church’s patron Saint of animals and the environment. It’s the day for pets of all kinds to be “blessed”, but let me tell you how it went for us …

    Ryback broke off his leash. Twice! Once as soon as the car door open and another time while we were in mid-prayer! I had to chase after him, around a couple with their well-behaved pet, as they were bowing their heads, (not the dog) but the owners. Aaaannd, no sooner then I looked over as my child was laying on his back, in the grass, in fear his dog was headed for the woods with no return in sight!

    IMG_7335 (2)IMG_7336 (2)

    IMG_7333 (2)

    Once pets and owners were in line to receive their individual prayers, I was able to get a shot of this gorgeous yorkie, I fell in love with her, as she was waiting to get her Holy Water. what a DAWG!

    IMG_7337 (2)

    I couldn’t get all the shots I wanted too but it was completely adorable seeing all the pets receiving their prayers. I’m such a dog lover, but if you’re pet people, then you’re my kind of people! It was priceless and cray-cray all in the same time!

    IMG_7340 (3)

    IMG_7342 (3)

    IMG_7347 (2)

    IMG_7353 (2)

    Through all this craziness that took place within 30 minutes or less, I couldn’t help but see the glow that my child had, as we were getting his dog blessed. You know, sometimes through cancer or an illness of a loved one, you can’t help but feel for the children that are involved. That’s his nanny and he is going through his own pain being so close to her. So some how in the craziness of life, I can’t help but feel refresh keeping him in church and making sure he is following a straight path in life. I know he will remember this moment and that’s all I can ask for, even if he had to miss the first 30 minutes of baseball practice. 🙂

    “If you have men who will exclude any of Gods creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men” St. Francis of Assisi



    p.s. Now you know what to do with your pooch oct 4th!


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