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  • Three Little Bears in CTCA

    From the morning I started writing my blog, I knew I was going to share my most secretive moments. I knew either way people would either love it, like it or hate it, but I was going to write anyways in hopes to inspire, encourage or just get a load of my chest I’ve been carrying around with me. Either way, I never knew it would end up in the CTCA Newsletter. Each day a little birdie at CTCA was behind the scenes reading along as I posted. Not knowing at the time, but this little birdie would be apart of my CTCA family. She is a cancer fighter and has had a rough road through her journey but what an incredible bond her and my mother share now. I’m so honored and grateful to her for this opportunity.

    My mom has walked away from a hospital with no hope and everything she has been through from – blood thinners, CT scans, rehab, doctors, wrecks, and repeated questions of “on a level from 1-10, what kind of pain are you in?” and then walking into CTCA with the fear of the unknown. Her happy moments have been sharing her journey with Joey, from The Joey and Rory show, the new family members we now have adopted, (or they adopted us) but sharing all this with her daughter and husband by her side and not fighting this alone. Through words of trying to comfort her in every single way before we walked into the room drying our own tears.

    Over the weekend, if you haven’t check out Joey from Joey and Rory show, I highly suggested you do so, Joey was able to ring a special bell walking out of her last radiation treatment. I know that my mom will be able to ring this bell, like the rest of her CTCA family has done. I can’t wait for that day and I will be there with my own pom-poms and cow bells.


    That will be my happy moment.

    The cancer is not the only thing that has happen to me through these years, but I have no doubt that it served as my awaking moment. I hope in time, I can share with you all the moments in my life that I have learned from, failed at, rejoiced in and help you understand one of the most beautiful religions out there as I’m learning myself.

    but for now I’m simply thankful for being able to make these moments with my mom and share with you the story CTCA wanted me to share with the world. For being able share this with Cameron as he gets older and understands when his mom is having a bad day and all I can do is sit in silent or smile at him. He will know why.

    Hopefully, through blogging my son will learn a lot from his mom and for knowing that if I had to go through it all again I would. A thousand times over. And just keep putting one foot in front of the other



    Here is the story …

    Caregiver Story

    Kacie Carlson

    Three Little Bears

    Let me tell you the story of the Three Little Bears—my mom, my dad and me. My mom and I have an extra-special bond. We laugh, cry, tease, argue and love together. But something rocked our world one Friday morning. From the fear on my mom’s face, I knew something was terribly wrong. My mom had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

    The next few weeks were a blur of doctors’ appointments and tests, trying to get answers and come up with a plan. We received a call from the doctor to say the cancer had metastasized to several different areas. My mom said, “So basically, what you’re telling me is that I’m eaten up with it.” The doctor told us he didn’t feel comfortable doing surgery. He told us my mom had less than two years to live. In that moment, my heart couldn’t take any more bad news—it went from bad to worse to extremely bad within minutes.

    Throughout the following weekend, I watched my mom cry about the life she was going to be missing out on. Then my dad made a life-changing phone call to Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA). The doctor at CTCA® was determined to try and help my mom right then and there! The physician walked my mother through the surgery he was proposing. I now knew what we had been waiting for, and that God had presented us faith to carry on. It was just what we needed.

    The surgery was a success and the doctor assured us, “It’s OK, breathe.” Happy tears came pouring down from my dad’s face, a man who loves his wife unconditionally. We are so grateful to the physician. Before any of this came upon us, I was often lost and had a “heavy heart” with life. God has put my parents and me here for a reason. All we had to do was trust, surrender, believe and receive. This little lady of ours lights up our life and everyone she comes in contact with. I’m so blessed to call her my mom. This is a new beginning for me. No matter what the outcome will be for my mom, my dad and me, we will be right beside her just like the Three Little Bears.


    Thank you CTCA for sharing my story!



    Please check out their website if you’re considering a second option.

    To be recognized and trusted by people living with cancer as the premier center for healing and hope.

    what I most love is what they VALUE!


    and most importantly GOD!








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