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  • 5 Tips Inside A Kids Bedroom

    If only I would have started my blog at the time my son was born and have documented all of the precious moments I now have forgotten to look back on. I encourage anyone to start a blog. There are so many inspirational blogs out there now days to be inspired by. I only hope you all will find mine just as inspiring.

    Speaking of son – I’m bringing a few inspirational ideas to a kids room. I hope you enjoy!

    Tip 1 Decorate with a large Map of some sort …

    Instead of a bunch of items displayed or hanging all over the wall, try one big conversational piece such as a Map. Not only does it cover a large amount of space, (which makes a small room fill bigger) but it can also be educational. Use old maps to tell where you have been, such as a vacation for your child to remember.



    Tip 2 display pictures at their eye level …

    Before you break out a hammer or a nail try lowering your picture a foot or so down. Unexpected places (specially in a kids room) it’s easier for them to love and admire their own collection of home décor.


    Tip 3 Decorating with throw pillows …

    Nothing completes a bed more than having the right throw pillows. Get creative with them, specially in a kids room. I love this funky bulldog pillow I found at a vintage shop. Throw pillows are warm and comfy and there are so many colors and patterns to explore.


    Tip 4 Decorating with fancy wall art …

    A childs colorful picture just makes you happy in general. I could be having the worst day and then walk past a display of my childs coloring and its instant joy that over flows me. It’s perhaps the sweetest most meaningful piece of art you can have in your home.


    Tip 5 Hiding/not hiding little odds and ends …

    One of my biggest pet peeves is clutter. I love a room open and clean. I hide/not hide all of his awards, trophies, odds and ends above a shelve in the closet. Which works out well for days you want to have them out for viewing or closing a closet door for the clutter free room!


    I hope these 5 tips have inspired you for your next decorating adventure for the little ones in your life. Until next time here is a sweet little verse … ”Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.





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