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  • Packing Tips For A Caregiver

    One thing I’m getting use to – Packing! If you’re a care giver like myself and you’re traveling to a hospital, the last thing on your mind is “did I remember to pack that”? Here are some tips when trying to make sure your trip is as stress less as possible.

    Notepad and Pen: too many times we have walked out of the doctors office and looked at each other with blank faces – “ok, what did she say again”? As a care giver it’s important to remember the facts of what was said. Now, are you going to remember every word NO, but keeping a notepad and pen handy will surely help with those important words in the convo. It also comes in handy for those great thoughts you can’t remember later!


    Prescription bottles Ect:  I’m sure we all have been there before and how annoying it can be for those last minute prescriptions refills, (this is also where the notepad and pen can come in handy) make sure you have your pharmacy fax number, address or any numbers wrote down. *Specially if you’re going to a doctor out of town. Also, any name tags or cards you may need to enter a certain location.



    Snacks: No, not your left-over cookies you hid in your purse from the super buffet, just a side note there, but I also make sure my mom has crackers and a water bottle handy after blood work and/or if we are in a waiting room for a long amount of time. So important to have for a little pick me up. One of the good things about the cancer treatment cancers of America is that they provide snack stations for their patients, such as, hot tea, coffee and bananas with gram crackers. It’s amazing to not even feel like you’re even at a cancer hospital.


    A comfortable back pack: I say a back pack because that is what I highly recommend. I hate carrying around something over-sized and bulky. A back pack has been so convenient for our times running around the cancer treatment hospital. Who wants the strain of one strap of a shoulder bag, when you can have more support of two straps. It’s like a good bra – invest in one!


    The little unexpected things: You never know when the little unexpected things may occur, for instance a small pack of tissues, headache medicine, portable phone charger, razor, dry shampoo, travel size toothbrush set and headphones are always on my check list.

    Self Pampering: Last but not least on my list is a little self pampering for yourself and for your love one. Make sure you travel in comfort….

    • I love a good pair of socks, they are so cozy in a vehicle when you want to kick off your shoes.
    •  Make sure you have a comfortable pair of sneakers to run around in.
    • If you have hair long enough to braid, I suggest having a neat braid for your road trip. I always braid my hair the night before we travel to the cancer treatment center. It’s comfortable and easier to maintain.
    • I can’t go anywhere without a good head pillow and a blanket!!!!!




    I hope you can find this post very useful and helpful for your next travel adventure. And if you have any tips I didn’t think of please share them with me.

    Thanks for reading,


    ***This is a sponsored post


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