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  • 10 Reasons To Learn From a Champion

    Anyone with money can buy an expensive camera. Anyone can get behind a lens and call themselves a photographer. Owning a few fancy shots can get you social-media worthy, but capturing genuine moments takes a little more time. This is why I call myself a blogger and not a professional photographer. Don’t get me wrong, I love family portraits and precious new borns, swaddling in dainty lace fabrics, but capturing these moments are not in my interest. For one, I don’t like telling people what to do or how to stand, ect, ect, ect. What I do like doing is blogging, taking pictures for ‘funzy’s’ and leaving the more highly photographic pictures to the professionals.

    Below are ‘funzy’ pictures I took of my sons travel ball team over the weekend. On this day, they owned every position on the field, which lead them into the championship finals and took first place of the 10U AA  championships.

    (FYI: 10 U – means 10 years old and under)

    Let me explain what champions look like …. And it’s really easier than you think.

    1. They get inspired, but they don’t copy.

    Inspiration can be drawn from so many places on the field. For starters, champions sit on the sideline and watch their opponents. I’m sure conversations of “he isn’t a fast pitcher”, “I’m going to slam it out this game” while others are more of a lady’s man who would rather wave to their fans.

    2. They take team meetings seriously.

    3. When one falls down the other falls down with them.

    4. They get pep talks from daddy’s who are always their ultra-confident builders.

    5. They don’t shy away from traditional concession stand favorites.

    6. They don’t obsess over a bad inning or where they fall in the batting orders.

    7. They dress themselves and never worry about the latest trends.

    8. They never stress over a little dirt, if their mom will use bleach or the car wash on game pants.

    9. They carry their sportsmanship with pride.

    20. They surround themselves with the best fans.

    Xox,  more pictures coming soon



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