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  • Five Spring Hair Tips | Confidence Builder

    For a long time I stopped caring about my appearance. I neglected my hair and it was starting to show, BIG time. I was allowing stress to secretly do whatever it wanted to my hair. Meaning – breakage, thinning, fading and most of all, never seeing life. I have always loved long hair since I was a small little child, I can always remember having golden locks, but now I’m older and realize the importance of maintenance.

    Managing your appearance is absolutely true as the old quote goes, “you look good, you feel good”. So throw on some lipstick and trim those split ends off. You deserve to shine!

    Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way, that may help you when deciding on a haircut and style.

    1. Consider your lifestyle:

    How do you ”use” your hair? Are you a baseball mom? Do you exercise regularly and stay active? Or can you afford to stay home and give your hair the proper treatment it needs?

    2.Know your expectations:

    Depending on your hair texture some styles just aren’t possible. The biggest expectations are BANGS! Curly hair with bangs – more than likely no bangs, but side-swept bangs with fine hair – yes!

    3.Bring inspiration pictures:

    Images always help your hairstylist know what you want.

    4.Address what you DONT want:

    Tell your stylist what you don’t want and any bad experiences you once have had.

    5.Get hair savvy:

    Watch how your stylist finishes your look. Buy the products. Look at the tools they are working with. A good brush is important.

    Some of my more expensive products will always be Bumble and Bumble. Bumble and Bumble are products to be true to what they say. If you’re like me, I stay in the sun a lot. So getting a product with UV rays protection is important for color treated hair. Along with color treated hair, my hair soaks up the moisture in all the bad spots! Definitely use something for the frizz!

    I use these travel size Bumble and Bumble products. Heat/UV protective and Repair Blow Dry for dry or damaged hair. I find travel size more my style, with all the traveling that I do and it’s less expensive.

    For a more affordable product, use this shampoo and conditioner from L’Oreal. It’s called Ever Pure, that has a sulfate/free color care system. It’s 100 percent vegan, anti-brassiness, anti-fade and UV filters for blonde hair. I mean, who wouldn’t want to buy this product, with all this label has to offer. The conditioner has a minty scent with a different type of texture. It’s not a thick or heavy cream base and I love that.

    what are some of your favorite products? comment below!





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