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  • Book Nook Goals: A Childs Book Review





    Today I’m bringing you a few books that we (me and my son) had to share on the blog. Cameron has always enjoyed reading books and looking through them. In fact whenever he was little, I would bring him to books-a-million and he would say, “Mommy I want a big book, with lots of pages and pictures”. Every time. It was so cute! I want so badly to go back in time and relive those days! BUT … Like with anything else, life goes on.

    Today he actually enjoys focusing more on the words and learning what the book is about verse studying the pictures. He loves knowing what is going on around the world and one of his favorite subjects in school is Social Studies. I seriously see him becoming a Politian later on in life. He just has that kind of attitude and personality. He is very blunt like our current President but at the same time, I can see him having such a warm and caring heart like our current Pope. Let me tell you a recent story about Cameron, to give you an example of both of these…

    One morning before school, as he is eating his breakfast, a commercial comes on TV and it’s a lady who was laying in a hospital bed. She had lung cancer from smoking. The lady was giving her testimony on how you shouldn’t smoke. She had a trake tube and was talking like a robot. As Cameron is half way through his breakfast, he looks over at me (disgusted) and says, “Well that is your fault lady”. As he is trying not to look again, he then says, “Hurry up and get off the screen so I can finish eating”.

    It was so funny! But on the flip-side of his bluntness, he has such a soft, warm heart. He is always praying for people, kids and such. Being one of the leaders in his bible club group at school, he helps anyone who doesn’t understand the importance of Faith wither, Catholic, Baptist, etc. So through him, I can see President Trump and Pope Francis! I wish I would have been that mature at his age. With all that being said, this Easter his Easter basket was full of goodies and books from the Catholic Company. Below are his own thoughts about each book. Enjoy!

    Dear Pope Francis:


    Cameron: “This is so cool, that he actually writes back to the kids’. “If I was to write a letter to Pope Francis, I would ask him how he writes back in other languages”. “Some of these kids can really draw”!

    As a mother: Dear Pope Francis, is a book with so much diversity. I enjoyed seeing Cameron talk about the different children. The book was a great way to see how fortunate he has been.

    Finding Jesus:


    Cameron: “I love hidden picture books but it’s kind of hard and it makes you use your brain”! “I like it”!

    As a mother: finding Jesus hidden picture book, was really fun to look at him with. Not only does it give you other pictures in the stories to find but it also have a parents manual in the back of the book and a great deal of glossary words to read over.

    A Travel Guide to Heaven for kids:


    Cameron: ‘It’s kind of happy, kind of sad, kind of funny.” “I don’t believe that there are amusement parks in Heaven though, and I don’t believe a suitcase with magic angel wings will fly you to there”.

    As a mother: ok I must admit this may have been on the baby stage for Cameron since he is going on 11 years old. However, it was a sweet little book and the illustrations are just amazing. One pacific page really made me teary eyed, when it described the moment you see your family in Heaven. No more tears, no more pain … Gosh, I can’t wait to see my Savior! If you have a child under the age of 10 I highly suggest purchasing this book.

    The Creed Explained:


    Cameron: “I love being allowed to write in a book”. “Well yeah, I know Jesus, what you think”!

    As a Mother: I think explaining the Catholic Faith in as much detail as possible is highly important. The Catholic Faith is a huge responsibility and the more Cameron grows up, the more I want it to come natural for him to understand. Specially the reasons why we do the things we do. I have always said you can never stop learning about Faith. This book is a great way to break down every sentence of the Creed. At the end of each chapter, is a “notebook” page with questions and answers. An example of one of the “notebook” page … Try to respond to Jesus’ question and answer Jesus, to me you are:

    You don’t want to pass up this book and how the Creed is explained, it’s a great learning tool, for not only a child but for the classroom.

    365 Fun Facts for Catholic Kids:


    Cameron: “Mom don’t forget to pack my books for our trip”

    As a mother: Each day out of the year is a fun fact about the Catholic Faith. I love learning from children’s books.

    Celebrating Saints and Seasons:


    Cameron: “can you stop taking pictures, so I can read my book”.

    As a mother: I just can’t help it as a blogger. I recommend all these books. As a mother who is always on the go with travel ball, we play hours away from home and it’s so nice to see my child turn a page into a spiritual book about his Faith on the way to our destination. Celebrating Saints and Season, 365 Fun Facts for Catholic kids and The Creed Explained are great books to throw in your traveling suitcase!

    Also, if you haven’t noticed I throw in a few more pictures of his baseball prayer bracelet and of his ‘every day hero’s’ prayer box.

    thanks for reading,

    ***this post is in collaboration with the Catholic Company.





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