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  • Chemo Pills with No Energy | Inspirational Outdoor Tips for Caregivers

    All week I will be celebrating my mother, as a countdown to Mother’s Day. I’m going to get this cancer post out this week and focus more on happy, more enjoyable moments to share with you about my mom!

    I must say, it has been so hard to watch my mom endure the side-effects to chemo pills, especially when we have been having such lovely weather outside. I will however, accept any chemo pill above the alternative solution.

    You see, my mom has always (and I mean always) been an outside type of person. It has always been super therapeutic for her and as a positive result she has always had one heck of a landscaped yard. So- seeing her get emotional about ‘no energy’ has been daunting to me. She repeatedly lies on the couch with her eyes closed. It’s hard to watch after you grew up with this person as energetic as she has always been. This little “mighty mouse” of a person now crys over not having enough strength to jump on a shovel. Not even for the first jump.

    I want to share with you way we deal with yard work in a totally different perspective now and how we enjoy the ‘side-effects’ of chemo pills. This may be helpful to you as a caregiver or encouraging ways to help motive a love one dealing with a chronic illness.

    1. we walk around the yard after a fresh rain storm.
    2. of course, we get emotional but we swing together. a lot
    3. we open the windows. It’s the simple things.
    4. we snuggle up in blankets and watch America Funniest Home Videos (AFV)
    5. I listen to her loud annoying Elvis music from across the house and I don’t say one word about it.
    6. We groom her poodle and laugh at the after mass of an awesome hair cut she gave the poor dog.
    7. we also laugh at our hips and how they are spreading with age. We then pick on the innocent by-standards such as my dad.
    8. we sit in the chicken pen and talk farm animal language
    9. we lay in the grass. just lay for hours.
    10. we pray.

    Thanks for reading,




    1. Walley, Ginny
      May 9, 2017 / 8:07 am

      Hey sweetie!

      I didn’t know your mom was back on chemo. I am also. Cancer sucks! But our God is so much bigger than cancer. Please have your mom call me. Its better after 7pm. 770-301-1145

      Love you guys! Always in my thoughts and prayers.

      [Description: cid:image001.gif@01CC9D69.FF2A7040]

      Ginny Walley
      Growth / Cancer Fighters Specialist
      Cancer Treatment Centers of America®
      600 Celebrate Life Parkway, Newnan, GA 30265
      O: (770) 400-6029 F: (470) 241-7306
      E: Ginny.walley@ctca-hope.com W: cancercenter.com

      Hospitals in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa
      Mexico Physician Network-Mexico City

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      • Kacie
        May 9, 2017 / 8:36 am

        Yep she sure is! Her count keeps going up and down, so doctor manahan thought it would be a good idea. We actually are traveling back end of month so they can switch her pills to a new drug out.

        You’re always in mine too and you come up in our conversations often. Love you very much

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