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  • 10 Tips On How to Organize Your Make-Up + A Whole Lot More

    I was introduced to make up at a very young age. My mother would constantly sign me up for the next pageant and before you knew it, I was being poked in the eye with the next eyeliner. It was usually always worth the pain. As I would have the next shiny crown stored in my room by the end of the night. I had a very successful pageant life as a little girl and met lifelong friendships along the way. One in particular I still look up to as of today.

    With all this being side, I take great pride in my beauty products. I love the days where I get to look polished and a bit more girly than normal. It doesn’t happen to often as I’m busy with the next ballgame and I usually keep it refreshing and simple during the work week. However, when I have those days with a little more extra time, I like to know where all my go-to products are for those night I’m thinking of going heavy with a full face.

    Like most girls I know, I have a lot of makeup, yet I only wear a handful of products faithfully. Still, you never know when you are going to want that glam look. So today, I’m excited to provide a new collaboration with a very talented makeup artist who will be bringing her flavor to the blog. In this collaboration we will be sharing categories based on everything beauty.

    We are starting with organization.

    From the Professional:

    • Start with organizing skincare and primers together
    • Foundations and powders together etc.
    • Try to keep eyes close together – example: mascara with eyeliners, eye shadows, etc.
    • Bring it to the next level and break down all eye shadows and lipsticks into palettes this will minimize and save space.
    • When it comes to organizing colors, group those with similar undertones.


    From the Blogger:

    • I make sure I keep the products I use every day out for display. Usually I keep an eye catching tray or in a cute little mini saucer.
    • For the rest of my non-usage products on an everyday look, I found that using an over-the-door shoe organizer, has been an awesome choice for me. It comes with several different slots, which is ideal for makeup products.
    • Do in vest in permanent storage- drawers in a closet, etc. so that you’re not stuck with makeup products forever! you can always use these drawers for clothing instead, if the room changes functions. I store all of my products in my closet where they are hidden and tucked away. It’s keeps my closet/office space light.
    • stay on top of your makeup clutter. If you don’t, it can quickly gremlinify and get completely out-of-hand, to the extent that you can never find what you need and you’re flooded with everything that you don’t!!
    • Get some storage , like a leaning bookshelf, which you can fill with cute baskets. If you are a label person, this is a great option to label all your beauty products. Be careful of storage that you put over the toilet!

    I really love the idea of a makeup artist using a waist organizer. Chantelle knows where everything is located beforehand and this saves both her and I time on the process of applying makeup. I snapped this picture of her behind-the-scenes at the Lake Charles Fashion Week. If you are an inspiring makeup artist, invest in a waist organizer.


    And last but not least, Chantelle has broken down the color tone palettes that may be beneficial for your next makeup session.

    Lips ….

    Comment below and let us know how you organize all your beauty products! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks

    ***In collaboration with Chantelle Makeup Studio

    Happy Organizing,
    Kacie Carlson




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