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  • 27 Things To Do This Summer

    I’m a girl that loves the outdoors. I specially love the summer when the watermelons are sweet as the day is long. Rarely do I like to plan anything, I, instead, do whatever wants to come next to my own imagination and going with one curiosity to another. Are you like this too? Here are 27 ideas to do this summer in the spur of the moment.

    1. Throw all your attention into investing what lights you up.

    2. Approach your day with a sense of adventure.

    3. Drive. Just drive. Yesterday I just drove and came upon this beautiful little neighborhood. It’s equipped with this own little post office and markets. It was an up and coming subdivision and it was absolutely refreshing. It made me meditate on a fresh start with my life and where I want to be in the future. The day was truly inspiring. For myself.

    4. Try out every single thing that strikes your interest.

    5. Trust your process of trail and error.

    6. Empower your own gut feeling. Test it.

    7.  Try a new DIY

    8. Don’t wait to start a “New Years resolution”. Don’t wait your whole life wishing. Trust me. It only makes you sicker.

    9. Go camping on a beach. Any beach. Just go taste the sea breeze. Be still. Be peaceful. Find peace.

    10. Take a new love of self-love.

    11. Go flea marketing and antiquing.

    12. Buy a really nice pottery. I’m loving plant pots this time of year.

    13. Photograph an epic summer moment.

    14. Photograph an animal. It will bring you joy.

    15. Have a picnic in the early morning dew. Drink coffee with your soulmate and walk barefoot in the green grass. Love who your with and indulge in your picnic basket.

    16. Get wrapped in a spiritual read this summer.

    17. Make a scrapbook. Start a summer journal.

    18. Adopt a puppy and experience his first time at a dog park. Let him run and jump and play. Do it with him. Rejoice in your new relationship.

    19. Road trip the good ole fashion way.

    20. Go to the zoo with your children. Then go to the zoo on a date. Then go to the zoo alone.

    21. Attend a retreat.

    22. Become a new friend with someone.

    23. Soak in a hot bath filled with rose petals.

    24. Put flowers in every room in your home.

    25. Learn how to take night pictures.

    26. Eat healthy. Particularly watermelons. Any melons.

    27. Star gaze. Cuddle. Cuddle. Kiss.

    Happy summer,




      • Kacie
        June 4, 2017 / 6:13 pm

        Thank you so very much!! Love yours too!!

    1. Kacie
      June 5, 2017 / 7:16 am

      Do it!!! I use to scrapbook all the time when my son was a baby. Now I just keep all his school work in a binder with protective sheets.

      I would love to see it when your done! And get inspired again!

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