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  • Friday Five On Five Tips

    Good morning and happy Friday. It’s been a week from hell, not even going to try and sugar coat that for you. Hurricane Harvey kicked everyone’s butts. And on top of everything else, our trip to Georgia didn’t go as expected. You see, my mother has to go back in two weeks to receive her chemo. Her white blood cell count was low and the doctors did not want her to get sick. Plus, as we were reviewing her CT scan she has a bump on her liver lining. What? Bump. A bump that we wasn’t aware of. However, the good news is, is that it’s not larger. It’s remaining the same in size from the last previous scan. GUH! I seriously hate you cancer. Always something new. However, the weather has turned for the best (knock on wood) and the endless days of rain has stopped. Which means we can all get out and enjoy the sunshine.

    Feeling a little blue still? Not feeling like wearing makeup still? Or not feeling stylist as the pretty girl next to you? You know the girl who walks with an air of both confidence and sophistication. We have all been there at some point or another. Feeling like your hair is frizzier than normal or wanting to sink into yourself, behind her.

    I am hesitant now days. I shrug away from the second glances. Rather than tell myself I must e having a good hair day, I wonder if people are looking at me because I did not put enough makeup on. I curse every picture taken of me. if you think and feel this way, next time take a minute to understand what is going on with us. I will tell you what is going on with us, and that my friends is social media.

    1. Social Media… social media is only a place for the most perfect selfies. Those selfies that take half an hour to capture, and three seconds to post, everyone looks polished and happy. And social media thinks you should be too.

    2. We live in a beauty-obsessed society and only feel like we are “enough” when we’ve hit the beauty standard for the day. Contouring. Contouring. Contouring. Plucking. Toning. Tanning. And so on, and so on, and so on.

    3. You (we) I buy into this. I love fashion. I love Instagram but it leaves me feeling hollow and empty. It depresses me. (like I need more depression) I want to travel. I want to vacation. I want the beach. I want an old airstream.

    4. Consistently glued to streams on our feeds rather than actually engaging with your (my) life.
    5. I think the biggest one is competition. Us girls get so jealous over one another. But why? So judgmental. But why?

    Next time you feel a little self-conscious, don’t run to a mirror! Or your phone to fill yourself up! Take Actions. Compliment someone. Help someone. Write yourself a letter. Buy yourself the flowers. And last but not least … Call your mothers. Thank them for simply existing. These effects of these actions will have you distracted from your self-thoughts.

    Take these pictures for example. I hate the way I look in them. I even questioned myself about posting them for the world to see. No makeup, no fresh highlights. Nothing. No stylist workout clothes. And this is why I have chosen to post them.

    Also, here are five items I have in my gym bag…

    1. Water

    2. Chapstick


    3. Towel


    4. First Aid Kit (I mean you never know)


    5. Extra baggy for jewelry




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