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  • Small Town Fixer Upper | A Paradiseroads Series

    In the middle of downtown DeRidder there are a patch of old buildings that, through some sort of civilization, is an investment of property. I say civilization because in DeRidder we are surrounded by old, abandon buildings, which makes entering into our community feel like a throwback to another time. With this being said, one of my soul sisters has decided to renovate one of these buildings with her family.

    Although the Duplechain family and myself live less than minutes from downtown, it is still a rural town. We call DeRidder a part of our back yards because it inspires the kind of country freedom experience. Woods, creeks, and lots of wide open farm land. Another thing about DeRidder is that we know our neighbors. No matter the different generations that come and go through our town, our community is based around helping each other.

    As an adult now, I recognize the opportunities for growth and wisdom when I see it. Take the old buildings we pass by every day in our community. Do you ever wonder what the building was used for? Do you see an opportunity to restore it? The wisdom you can find in the walls. Literally! You see, they came a cross names in one of the brick walls. Apparently dated from 1922. This conversation led into the other buildings of the downtown area. Not knowing the grandmother of my friend use to own the old Ideal Drug store and across the street was the old café called, “Royal Café”. I was far too young to remember the café, but how neat would it be for someone to restore the building and call it, “Royal Café”. Recreating the old generation would be so neat. Restore it the same way as it was. No modern updates just restore the life of the building. If I had the money, I would certainly do this.

    I love the satisfaction of seeing my friend and her family do something great for the downtown. This old building will be the first loft in the patch of old buildings and I’m so excited to document this journey with you all. Being able to share their interior work, quality, envisions and time into this old building is beyond inspiring to me. I know it will be inspiring to you too.

    Here are my top five remarks for this old building …

    1. Apparently the building use to be an old barber shop.

    2. The building is literally no more than 500 square feet.

    3. At some point in time they found fire damange in he old boards in the walls.

    4. It’s right in the middle of downtown DeRidder but hurry and look or you might miss it driving throughout the streets

    5. If you know any history about this building comment below or if you know any memory, the Duplechain family would love to hear about it, as would myself.


    Part Two | Incorporating Fashion

    For as long as have known Mandy she has always been one of my most stylish and fashion forward friends. I swear, I have never seen her in the same outfit twice! (At least not for a month or so)

    Anyhoo, since the new trend of ordering boxes, such as Stitchfix took over, this as appealed to Mandy for quite some time. She will call me and say, “hey I got my box, come check it out”!

    The perks of having a friend that does this – is that whatever she doesn’t want, I get dibs!





    1. Bonnie
      September 10, 2017 / 6:46 pm

      If I am thinking of the right building, I do remember that building being a barbershop.

    2. Ruth
      September 10, 2017 / 8:55 pm

      Mackie and Charlie Poe owned that building before Beauregard Credit bought it. Todd and I rented the building in 2005 to open the StateRoom, the building in the back was storage. That was a jewelry repair shop after the barber shop. Todd and I did a lot of work in that little building.

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