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  • Through My Lens | My Birthday Bucket List Goals

    Through the roads of Cancer, Fashion and Faith …

    Well guys it was my birthday (Sept21st) and I’ve been in full joy this month! It actually feels great to be another year older. In fact, now it’s a joke between my mom and I, getting older is a fabulous thing! You’re alive! so in celebration of life, I’m breaking out my Fall bucket list and a year in reviews!

    A Year with Cancer…
    1. The promise of a new chemo pill will help add 22 months to my mothers life.
    2. Being able to travel as much as to Georgia, with my parents. Road trips with these two, have never been more entertaining.
    3. Another year surrounded by the best doctors in the best hospital!!

    A Year in Fashion
    I would have never thought, I would be in the mix with the latest fashionistas of SWLA. I am so honored to be achieving so many goals off my fashion bucket list. Here are a few I never thought would be possible for this girl named Kacie.

    1. I met a very, sweet and loveable person name Chantelle. I hit it off the bat with her and knowing everything she has been through only made me connect with her more. And did I mention I love what she can do to my face! Check her out here:

    2. I met two very, passionate girls who’s love for fashion has only made my love grow stronger. Not only have they been my go-to for great pictures but they are forever friends. I can’t express how our business encounter has turned into a friendship. I now have two friends, that I can randomly text with no judgements. Find them here:

    3. My very first fashion show was a trip! I was able to have back stage access and was able to sit with the best photographers with super expensive cameras. They allowed me to sit beside them with my little cannon. I was able to experience an awesome pre-party and met some great girls. It was a very exciting experience.

    4. I was able to blog for visitlakecharles.org. Then recently they put me in the top six bloggers of SWLA. I was extremely excited about this.

    5. And last but not least this year, I’m starting a journey with our local news station. I cannot believe how blessed I can be in the mist of tragedy. Thank you Lord for these wonderful endeavors you are placing upon me.

    A Year of Faith
    1. I could go on and on about my faith journey. I was able to be a part of another ACTS retreat. This was the best ACTS retreat of my life. Thank you to my Sisters In Christ for this beautiful retreat. It was the best experience.

    2. My grandmother, at 72 years old joined a Monastery. I look forward to seeing her vow ceremony to the Lord. What a crazy family to be a part of and I mean that in the best way.

    3. The Catholic Company is more than a company to me now. I have truly met a soul sister and don’t know what I would do without her. Thank you Catholic Company for everything.



    Lifestyle –
    1. I came up close and personal to a giraffe. I’ll never forget this.

    2. My son won his very first STATE CHAMPIONSHIP title in travel ball.

    3. I was able to tour a Dutch windmill. Check it out under my travel category.

    4. I found the best breakfast/coffee shop in all of the land! The Bekery.

    5. I also found the best place for wine and cheese. Check it out in under my “making it with mom/food category.

    6. Unfortunately I lost my great, grandmother at 99 years old.

    7. I purchased the sweetest dog for my mom. It is her soulmate and they are in love.

    8. I cut my long hair all off. It was refreshing for new growth.

    9. I went Kayaking for the first time and I LOVED IT!

    Still On My Fall Bucket List

    I want to continue to grow in love, fashion and faith. And healing through the roads of cancer.





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