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  • Through My Lens | Stop Wasting Money On Parade Candy

    Parades are fun! Right? Even more so, when you see your child smiling from a float! (Expect for mine, he is a serious little fella, as you can see in the picture below.) Nevertheless, preparing for a parade is pure chaos! As a mother, we have all the pressure on us. From packing all the decorations to making sure, you have enough candy to throw. Specially, if you’re like me when budgeting for the little things like parade candy. It can get expensive and the feeling of, “did I buy enough” hunts you!

    Well, thanks to this brilliant idea I stole from a friend, you will NEVER again have to worry about buying candy or worrying with “do I have enough”! Toss your candy days goodbye and say hello to a little thing I would like to call, “pay it forward”!
    How many of you have a garage sale pile stacked somewhere in your closet or shed with old toys, old cups, old clothes or small items that you just don’t need anymore?! I do! So why not take the time to clean out your kids room and bag up old toys! When the parade comes around fill your float up with items kids would actually want to catch at a parade. Here are some ideas to throw at your next event to screaming crowds of “throw me something mister”!

    1. Rubber band old tee-shirts (make sure they are not stained or torn)
    2. Kitchen Items – plastic cups, scoopers, plastic items
    3. Small Toys – bouncy balls, action figures, hot wheel cars, footballs, old happy meal toys, etc.
    4. Fashion Accessories – old sunglasses, makeup, old costume jewelry, fingernail polish, bags etc.
    5. Game Pieces like dice or old deck of cards
    6. Reading Materials – paperback books, little notepads, coloring books etc.
    7. Tech Wires – old USB cords, old chargers
    8. Bath Accessories – soaps, lotions, etc.
    9. Old Movies
    10. Office Supplies – pencils, pens, markers

    Another man’s junk is another man’s treasure!!


    ps – here are my top pictures from our small country  parade! Enjoy!



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