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  • Hosting A Halloween Party?! | Try These Party Planning Tips

    October is a month that makes you think of the leaves changing, apple spice, caramel apples, hayrides, pumpkin patches, candy corn, and perhaps the most famous day, Halloween. While some love the treats and decorations, others love the costumes and ghost stories. However, in this generation it’s not the ghost stories getting my attention anymore it’s the scary, creepy C L O W N stories.

    You know the ones that you hear about when you’re driving down the road, and then out of nowhere, a clown jumps out and starts waving at you. I honestly don’t know what I would do if something like this happen to me. However, if I saw this little clown on a back road I might just stop and take pictures of him!

    Here are top 10 ways to make your Halloween party the best party yet!

    1. Plan Plan Plan.
    Normally when throwing a kid party, (especially) I like to plan months in advance. The number one planning question is – What is the purpose of this party? Be very specific when planning your party. For example, when throwing a Halloween party do you want to have contest? Do you want super scary? Or will there be younger kids attending? Determine the age groups.

    Afternoon party décor is completely different from a day party.

    Remember do not stress out if you are worried about not being able to invite everyone.

    2. Set a Budget.
    What is your overall goal when buying decorations and food? Do you want more food or more decorations? For kid Halloween parties I try to spend most of my budget on activities and snacks.

    Remember it is so easy to be caught up in the all the holiday spirit and over spend.

    3. Make A Plan.
    “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” Meaning make a list!! Get organized!

    4. Pick A Theme.
    Pick one fabulous thing that will make your party stand out. For a kid friendly Halloween party, try using a projector outside if weather permits. Turn on a classic Halloween movie with popcorn and snacks. My favorite is Hocus Pocus. Set-up a photo booth. The possibilities are limitless, BUT stick to one thing that makes your party stand out. Otherwise, it can become chaos and overwhelming real quick.

    5. Invite Your Guest
    Plan for unexpected guest when you invite.

    6. Self-Serving.
    Whenever possible have as many self-serve options as you can. Create different stations away from each other so it doesn’t get to messy. Have a food station, drink station, dessert station.

    7. Create Space.
    If you are hosting a mix of adults and kids, create a space away from the kids. This makes everyone feel comfortable. Kid table. Adult table. Always!

    8. Have Help.
    Especially if you are hosting a party in your home, it’s so easy to have all the mess after words! Many hands make light work! And this is true! Have a husband help you to minimize your stress.

    9. Set Everything Up Ahead Of Time.

    Perpare food in advance. I have everything set out the day before if hosting at my home. This is helpful on party day so you’re not exhausted before the party actually starts.

    10. Goodbyes.

    Plan food and treats to go back home with your guest. Budget for plastic trays or bags to send home with your guest. Have your thank you cards sitting by the door. This way you don’t have to worry about mailing them. Your guest will remember your thoughtfulness and want to come back for the next party you plan.




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