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  • Through My Lens | Five Ideas For A Mom and Son Date

    I am so happy to share these pictures of a mom and her two boys. As a mother of a boy it feels like time just frigging flies!! To me, the best days are when you are surrounded by your kids. They seem to make everything better. Kelli and I have the same outlook when it comes to raising our boys and this is what connected me closer to her. She told me, she keeps a note on her computer monitor that states, “you might watch me fail, but you will never see me give up”. She told me that, this is what she is trying to show her boys. I may struggle and get knocked down or not succeed at something, but I get back up and try something again. WE never give up!

    What a great role model to her boys.


    Here are five things Kelli and her boys try to do together that may inspire you, for your next mom and son date.

    1. Friday nights we have Friday Family night out.  We take turns picking where to go to eat and just have a fun dinner together.  It can’t be fast food and it has to be somewhere that we get waited on. ***mom wants to be served.

    2. We go to the movies – it’s something we all enjoy

    3. Sometimes we just go out-of-town to go look.  We will go to the downtown area and walk along the lake.  Or go to the mall and look around.  We try different places to eat, that sort of thing.

    4. They let me treat myself to a Starbucks coffee when we are out and they get a cake pop.

    5. When it’s warm, we spend time at the pool just relaxing and swimming. 




    1. November 10, 2017 / 4:51 am

      very lovely pictures.. love your thought of sharing this.. 😊

      • Paradise Roads
        November 10, 2017 / 2:30 pm

        thank you! 🙂

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