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  • Top 10 Gift Ideas For Dad | The Catholic Company

    My dad’s words overflow with the Holy Spirit at times, and sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start. I opted to give you the next best thing, trying to retell his words through mine.

    My dad and I are close but in a different way than my mother and I. It’s just different and I can’t really explain. I think that many of us, as parents, when it’s all is said and done, hope to leave this world having made some sort of impact on your children. Spending this day with my dad affected me tremendously.

    On our way to Grand Coteau our conversation started in silent listening to EWTN, morning Mass. The Mass went into talking about the apostles and Judas. I said, “Dad do you think Judas was saved anyways after his betrayal?” He said, “I don’t know God knew what he was doing and someone had to do it”. This led into a more personal conversation in the homily.

    I certainly know that my dad’s Catholic Faith is strong and riding with him this morning watching the sun come up I could feel the Holy Spirit within him. He has that spark, that connection that lights up when talking about his Faith. I can only hope that I inspire my son as my dad has inspired me, over the years that keep me hanging on to our Faith. Here are various ways my Faith strikes me throughout the day through my time with my dad. I hope that I can affect my child when it’s all said and done.

    1. Journalling Other People’s Words. I remember our conversations by writing them down in bullet points.
    2. “Preaching to me” Sometimes I just don’t want to hear it but whether I like it or not, he is doing his duty.
    3. Carrying my Rosary with me as my dad does. He carries his Rosary everywhere.
    4. Passing a Catholic Church and making the sign of the cross.
    5. Making sure my son says the blessing for us.
    6. Knowing that the world will make fun of our Catholic Faith but staying true to what we believe.
    7. Praying to Mary and our Saints
    8. Trying to let things go. My dad always says, “Let it Go”.
    9. Going to Confession. He pretty much throws me in there now and I’m doing the same with my child.
    10. Simply praying.


    Here are 10 Items I think would be awesome Christmas gift ideas for your Dad or Husband this year from The Catholic Company.

    1. log-style-crucifix-19-inch

    2. Wooden Rosary

    3.  wooden-pen-set-scripture

    4. nativity-ornament-set-in-wooden-chest

    5. antique-brass-sting-crucifix

    6. drinking-monks-calendar

    7. war-vendee

    8. monk-with-bird-garden-figure

    9. bronzed-st-michael-veronese-statue

    10. bamboo-creation-crew-socks

    Below is attached link for “gifts for him”




    *** This post is in collaboration with The Catholic Company.


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