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  • 10 Ways to Become Good News

    I think it’s safe to say that since I have been blogging for a very long time, writing and trying to articulate my words has always been so hard for me. The overwhelming cloud of negativity I have collected has affected me in huge ways. I feel it in my creativity, the way my attention dwindles and my frustration with the things happening in my life getting in the way of my friendships. Sometimes it feels impossible to tune out all the fears that are constantly coming at me. But it’s not completely falling apart yet. I came across this Instagram quote the other day and it has stuck with me ever since.

    “The key is this: meet today’s problems with today’s strength. Don’t start tackling tomorrow’s problems until tomorrow. You do not have tomorrow’s strength yet. You simply have enough for today” We live life one day at a time. That thing you’re worried about? You’ll get the strength to meet it when it’s time.

    In another words, ‘cross that bridge when you get there’ and enjoy the time you have today with the ones you love. I know our brains aren’t built this way. Bad news sticks with us more than hearing the good news.

    Like for example, my parents and I just came back from Georgia. My mom is doing wonderful. She truly is, her CA125 is down and she gets to start on a new chemo pill that we have been waiting to put her on. The new chemo pill will hopefully add 22 months to her life. However, our doctor was reading over the CT scan and it detected a spot in her lung and a spot on her liver.

    Guess what we keep thinking about? Her lung. We don’t keep thinking about the good news.

    I am so fortunate that I’m able to blog about the experience I’m sharing with my parents, and the pictures I’m able to capture with my mom still. My brain is never going to forget this experience, it’s going to keep every piece of that sensory experience at the top of my mind for as long as it can because my survival depends on it. You see, I’m being distracted from what really matters. This is the devil himself my friends and he has his chains and shackles wrapped tight around me. I have felt so overwhelmed by this that I have VOWED to create a tool for the upcoming year. This upcoming year I hope to add more enlightenment to my blog.

    1. How to not be overwhelmed by bad news. Unfollow breaking new feeds and apps!
    2. Make a decision on when and where to read bad news. By putting bad news on your terms, you gain back a little control.
    3. Consider a time to cry. If you know you’re going to cry at some point and have a meltdown, then choose a time and don’t dwell on it. Get it over with!
    4. Have chill time, even if it’s five minutes or five seconds to just walk away.
    5. Be strong for those who are sensitive around you. Don’t break in front of them. This has helped me a lot in front of my mother. Even if you have to cry alone. Be strong for the other person.
    7. Look for the helpers. Surround yourself with people who are helping. You will always find someone. Mine are my best friends, photographers.
    8. Look for other organizations of the same issues and reach out to your community!
    9. Celebrating good news reminds you that there’s still hope and that the end of the story isn’t here yet.
    10. Become good news.

    This upcoming year, I want to be better to myself and have the opportunity to change energy for the better. I hope you do the same if you are facing a life and death situation. Enjoy today for what it’s worth!




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