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  • New Year Commitment

    Happy New Years! How many of you have broken your New Year’s resolutions yet? Ha! For me, I think instead of a New Year’s resolution, I’m going to set once-a-month goals for myself. January – starting with “the commitment goal”, I think commitment would be a good word starting the New Year off right. Think about it …

    1. If you have the right relationships, commitment is comforting.

    What is the first emotion when the word commitment comes to your mind? If you are in the wrong relationship, it’s scary. The wrong relationships end in heartache. Always. The right relationships make you feel relief. Commitment should and always be an overwhelming sense of peace and settled and being grounded in genuine love. This year break ties with those whom you have trusted and left you crying in the background. Genuine love is a loyalty. It’s someone who is motivated by love.

    2. Commitment and coffee

    You may think that commitment is a sign of restriction of freedom. On the surface, you can look at though you are losing yourself, your freedom. But in reality, it should be the most freeing thing there is to be in a committed relationship with another person fully devoted to you and have your best interest at heart. Be with someone who can wholeheartedly be “you” and that should feel like a breath of fresh air, not only that, but there is no real room for self-absorption when I myself am considering and loving another rightly. Call that special girlfriend, sister, aunt, or anyone special up for coffee. Commit to being the best commitment to them this year.

    3. Commitment and Selfish

    Can you use someone you are committed to? In the right way, no, absolutely not. A commitment should be selfless love. If I am committed to you, I must be willing to love you in the truest of ways and this requires self-sacrifice. To use another person is not to love that person. It is to use that person for personal gain. Commitment seeks the best for the other person and is motivated by lobe foe the overall benefit of relationship. This year I’m going to use my friends, but only in the truest of ways.

    4. Challenging and Commitment

    I can’t think of a time when my loyalty was challenged. I have been in friendship relationships where my loyalty has been challenged. When jealousy, envy and simple miscommunication where at play, loyalty can be challenging. This is why honest, open, transparent communication is important in any relationship. Without it, there is mistrust, fear and closing off of ones heart to the other person. This year I’m going to try not to be so challenging toward myself.

    5. Into the mess

    I have been absolutely fully committed to everyone I come across, sometimes for the good, the bad and the ugly parts. It hasn’t been easy. People change over the years and their commitments fade. People become less and less interested with the commitments they make. You have to be committed to the overall welfare of each other or your goals. I have been very vulnerable with people. In the spirit of everything, I am, and all the love I hold for people I let in my life, it’s a genuine love. You have to know when to let go of expectations and fear. I live with great personal pain and brokenness, so this year I’m letting go of the mess and giving it to God.

    “Fear not, I am with you. Don’t be afraid for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you with my victorious right hand”. Isaiah 41:10





      • carlson.kacie@yahoo.com
        January 6, 2018 / 7:18 pm

        Thank you and wishing you the same, with a year of 2018 good luck ♥️

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