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  • Porch Cafe | Chef Interview (2 of 2)

    Porch Café. Best food on the island. It’s right by the ocean with the best ‘extensive wine collection’. Not only do they have the best selection for every pallet tasting wine but also the best tasting food on the island. The wine and the atmosphere go hand-and-hand, so why wouldn’t the food be just as extensive!

    You see, Porch Café pulls the freshest fish right out of the Gulf. And you wanna know how I know that? Well, I was able to get a chance and ask the chef a few questions about his love for food! One of his signature dishes is the Crab Cake Benedict, which he also recommends when visiting the Porch Café. So do yourself a favor and get the Crab Cake Benedict! Let me know if you get a chance to try it. Here are a few questions that you may want to know when visiting our friends at the Porch Café. Don’t just take my word for it either, next time you’re in Galveston, come share the experience for yourself!

    It was such pleasure and privilege to work with these guys from Porch Café. I had so much fun shooting with Anna before the café opened and unforgettable visit to Beachtown. The meals at Porch Café are prepared daily with the highest quality for your taste buds, with handpicked seafood right off the boats. The only thing that I could possibly end this adventure on is with a fresh authentic dish and a full belly! You truly need to eat, drink, and experience what Porch Café has to offer our Gulf Coast!! Check out more about Porch Cafe chef below from a little Q&A!

    ParadiseRoads: Do you guys get your seafood locally?

    Porch Chef: Yes, we get our seafood from Katie’s Seafood!

    ParadiseRoads: What kind of cooking advice can you give someone like me who can’t cook?

    Porch Chef: Cook what you’re comfortable with and never be afraid to ask for help or advice. 

    ParadiseRoads: So tell me, what is one of your favorite ingredients to cook with?

    Porch Chef: Favorite ingredients are garlic and shallot. The base for all food flavors. 

    ParadiseRoads: At any time, what do you love to cook at the Porch?

    Porch Chef: My personal favorite/best dish is the crab cake Benedict. 

    ParadiseRoads: As with anything, do you find it enjoyable to bring your chef skills outside of the restaurant?

    Porch Chef: I still love cooking outside of work its something different and always something creative and new. 

    ParadiseRoads: What do you look forward to at the Porch Café?

    Porch Chef: My favorite thing about working at porch is by far the atmosphere from the building were in to the staff and management. 

    ParadiseRoads: I’m not sure if I have ever had anything unusual before, have you ever cooked anything weird?

    Porch Chef: Love cooking unusual stuff especially anything Spanish from crickets to obscure cut of meat. 

     ParadiseRoads: How does the role of a Chef best describe you?

    Porch Chef: I love cooking because it’s one of the true last forms of pure creativity and originalism. 

    ParadiseRoads: So from a chef’s perspective, do you find the island competitive?

    Porch Cafe: The island is very competitive everyone knows everyone and remembers everything! 

    ParadiseRoads: And lastly, tell me a little about who inspired you and what was your favorite dish as a child?

    Porch Chef: I grew up eating down south cooking. Green beans mash potatoes and chicken fried  steak are always good go to’s. And my dad has always had me in the kitchen since day one. 


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