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  • 10 Inspiring Coaching Guides For Your Travel Baller

    Another baseball season in full swing and I am excited to share with you a recap of our first game of the season. Louisiana is known for brutal weather conditions and we certainly experienced rain delays this past weekend. Xtreme has seen it all, heavy rain, strong winds and frigid cold, but nothing stops the boys or the crowds from turning up and playing with their best foot forward.

    One of the reasons I believe we win as many tournaments as we do is because of our coaches. Their techniques come in all shapes, styles, and forms and are impossible to miss among the boys.

    Yes, occasionally there are hand gestures and those who must challenge the umpires in heated discussions, but for the most part its words of encouragement and “that’s ok, you will get it next time”.

    This past weekend, We won our very first tournament and took home another ring. I can’t help but feel that our coaches impacted their spirits to the BIG win!

    Here are some ways to make sure your team has a happy dugout…

    1. A warm-up song or a great playlist for the team

    Our team song is, 300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero

    2. Invest in a team banner with names of sponsors

    3. Encourage high fives! High five before or after each inning.

    4. Try to stay at the same hotel when traveling. This makes great bonding experiences for the boys.

    5. Errors and striking out is going to happen, don’t dwell them. Coaches cant promise a win, but they can promise you to do your best and your best is all you can do.

    6. Explain Demonstrate and Practice

    7. Remember you are building memories for them. To some, these are the memories of a life time. Don’t let them remember your bad temper because they didn’t catch a fly ball. Encourage them for a successful catch next time.

    8. Demonstrate simple and easy signs for them to learn.

    9. Never put a player in a position they have never practice at in a game.

    10. Devote a team prayer and say it faithfully with players



    Pictures | @Paradiseroads_


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