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  • The Aimee Kestenberg Baby Backpack

    Long live the baby bags! I have completely gravitated toward the baby bags and I don’t even have a baby.  But, this is not just any ole’ baby bag, this baby bag is from Aimee Kestenberg. I first found out about Aimee Kestenberg bags through my love of QVC. Side note: if you subscribe through Aimee’s website you will get VIP emails. You don’t want to miss a chance to see all of her exclusive bags. I am a firm believer in reading up on a designer before purchasing, so here is a brief summary of Aimee. She is from Australia and moved to New York at a young age. In 2013, she launched her brand which has successfully expanded through retailers such as QVC.  This is where I came across her line.

    I have been wanting a baseball bag for a while now, but being a fashion blogger and documenting the items I’m passionate about, I didn’t want some boring ole’ bag that didn’t mean that much to me. I take great pride in a purchase. So while on the hunt I decided to google this curious QVC product. I had a very hard time deciding between the cameo baby backpack and this Sylvie baby backpack, so I did what any girl would do and let her mom decide. After receiving this bag in the mail, I’m so glad I let my mom pick. This backpack is even more beautiful in person. I knew the backpack was the perfect “mom” gear for ballgames!

    Plus, if you have a unique story that allows you to travel in other circumstances without having a baby then this bag is still beneficial! Aimee Kestenberg baby backpack is so functional for any kind of busy on-the-go mom. It’s packed with loads of space throughout the bag. Let me explain how you can use this fashionable bag, even if your child is above the baby stage.

    First off, it comes with ten exterior compartments. Two on each side, two in the front and three on the backside – a great combo for this travel ball mom! Anyone who travels with kiddos definitely needs a place for baby wipes! The little zip pocket beneath the wipes have three pouches within it, perfect for hair ties, lip balms and any other small accessories your heart desires.

    However, what totally hooked me on this bag were the two pouches. I use this for water, Gatorade, etc. Very cool in my book! Attached to the insulated pockets are two flaps. Perfect for sunglasses and cell phone on other.

    Continuing on the backside of the backpack is three pouches – small, medium, and large. The small one is good for easy access to money and credit cards, while the middle compartment would fit an iPad or notebook.  The last pouch comes with a custom changing pad. However, since I don’t have a baby to use a changing pad, what better thing to use it for than a sitting pad for those hot, cold or wet bleachers!! You’re welcome baseball moms!

    Do you guys realize we haven’t even gotten in the main entry of the bag… until now! The main entry comes with four secret pouches! Perfect for storing a throw blanket for those chili morning or late night games, an umbrella for rainy or sunny days, or extra clothes for time outs! The sky is the limit when packing, so make sure you pack with the right backpack! This bag is IT for your mom duty days! I’m so excited to share everything I’ll be storing in my Aimee kestenberg bag during this baseball season.

    Here is a lowdown what I’m using the bag for that may inspire you to invest in this baby bag.

    • Travelling trips with my mom to the cancer treatment center

    • Baseball games

    • Weekend trips

    • Photography bag

    • Dog Mom? Perfect for doggie trips to the park

    • Picnic Bag


    Photography: Anna Buller

    Bag: Baby Bag Here

    Designer: Aimee Kestenberg Here


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