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  • Le Village Bed And Breakfast | Eunice Louisiana

    Where to stay: Le Village Bed and Breakfast

    It is impossible not to fall in love with Le Village! This little country cottage is about five minutes away from the heart of Eunice, La. It has the most peaceful wrap around porch one could ever dream about. Le Village’s beauty is indescribable.

    Le Village is one of those bed and breakfast that you wish it is your own house. One night at LeVillage makes you wish it was your own home!I love everything about this beautiful place, from its guestrooms with the Cajun Louisiana feel, to the clean and vintage door fixtures and it’s cozy library with a book to suit your every interest. If I could ever describe how my perfect getaway home should look like, Le Village would be just it.

    After arriving Saturday afternoon to Le Village, we continued our journey and decided to find out more of what Le Village had to offer. Since there was a wedding going on next door at the Cypress Grove event venue, we did what any mother daughter duo would do and decided to crash the party! We instantly (and when I say “we”, I mean my mom) met the locals and struck a conversation. We helped ourselves to the Chapelle Country Store, which was the cutest place to setup for an event you are hosting. The Chapelle Country Store is actually a reception hall made to look like an old bar saloon. We were quick to indulge in wedding cake and a few bite size sandwiches, and watched people dance before we headed out. It turned out to be one of our favorite memories.

    After we crashed the wedding, we walked around the spacious wrap-around porch and sat on the swings for a moment of peace while taking in the beauty of the surrounding area. The location of Le Village couldn’t get any better.  Besides the venue and main house of the bed and breakfast there is a dart bar – Prairie Barn Goods & Darts. We entertained a few rounds of darts, which was another memory for the books. My mom completely doesn’t need to quit her day job, as she was one of the worst dart throwers I have ever seen.  Ha!

    After laughing and almost peeing in our pants because of our epic fails of mastering the game of darts, we decided to be adventurous and tour an old abandon home behind the property. It was a beautiful 3-story mansion going to waste, and with the doors locked, We could only look through the windows of the beautiful unfurnished decor. As we were exploring the most amazing wrap-around porch I had ever seen, something in the woods caught my eye.  Do you ever get that feeling that someone is watching you?  Well someone was watching us! It scared the SH*T out of me and was ready to put my dukes up! Luckily for her, it was an old beat up manikin. Whew! We continued on with our hot tea that Ms. Felicia had fixed for us and headed back to the Le Village property.

    Settling in for the night, I couldn’t help but think about the impeccable taste in the interior design and the professional and friendly service Ms. Felicia provided was. Little things such as evening milk and cookies, morning papers, and fresh fruits in the parlor are things that might be trivial to many, but I believe that’s the kind of attention to details that brings joy to one’s stay. We would definitely stay there again, and the thoughts of a girls retreat crossed my mind.

    Le Village is the perfect B&B for travelers, cyclist, bikers, couples, or the perfect solo stay when you come close to the area of Eunice.

    Best Wishes,


    Le Village House

    Le Village Facebook Page

    Accommodation: Le Village Bed and Breakfast


    • Explore the abandon house

    • Have a fun trip inside the Prairie Barn Goods & Darts

    • Hop over to the country store and check out the venue

    • Walk along the trails of the property

    • Sit and relax on the wrap-around porch

    • Have a glass of wine or a cold beer

    • Ride bikes

    • Sit and chill in the library

    • Listen to music or play a song on the piano

    Near By Places:

    • Freds Lounge

    • Liberty Theater

    • Savoy Music Center

    • D.I.’s Cajun restaurant

    • DC’s Sports Bar and Steakhouse

    • The Eunice Depot Museum

    • Cajun Music Hall of Fame

    • Tammy’s Fine Furniture & Flea Market

    • Cajun Flea Market

    Local Support:

    • Homemade Arts and crafts in the Le Village Gift Shop

    • Signature candles

    • Homemade Muffins

    • Homemade cakes (we had the homemade blueberry pound cake) delicious!!

    • Fresh Louisiana produce

    *This post was created in collaboration with Le Village Bed & Breakfast, but the opinions are my own.



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