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  • Studio Underground Anniversary | Dazey LA In New Orleans

    It has been such a hectic past couple of weeks here on the ol’ blog, with a whooooole lot more going on than just making time to upload pictures. I’ve been out of town every weekend, whether it’s been snapping pictures of dirty baseball boys, snapping pictures with my beautiful momma or snapping pictures with my adorable friend Anna, so making time for blogging has been a little hard due to my absence behind the computer screen.  I’ve been shooting with Anna Buller for over a year now and we decided to make an epic trip in honor of the blogging anniversary. After a year of getting to know Anna from Studio Underground, I can’t tell you how much this girl means to me. I was greeted with such kindness and understanding from day one. Months later, our collaboration together has turned into a sweet little friendship.

    I have always photographed everything and anything from the time I was in Jr. High up until now. Either with friends or scrapbooking my son’s memories – when scrapbooking was a thing – but I never really had the equipment or the opportunity to invest in an editing program nor could I find the right kind of help from others. If it wasn’t for appreciating good portraits then I don’t believe my blog would be where it is today without the help of Anna. You see, Anna doesn’t mind sharing and encouraging others when it comes to working together on pictures. Her creativity and professionalism has been such a positive influence on not only my own pictures but my confidence as well. As with many other girls that can relate, I’m very shy in front of the camera and get very discouraged when I see pictures of myself, or get bummed when I don’t think my blogging material is good enough. Anna has always been a text away when those moments affect me. Anna has created her own blog to help build your confidence up as well.  If you are looking for tips and valuable photography information for your next photoshoot, then you don’t want to miss her creative blog posts.

    If you are thinking about starting a blog, I’m going to share a few tips with you…

    • The quality of your pictures is number one, alongside your blogging material

    • Make sure you feel good about who you are working with. Ain’t nobody got time for cattiness

    • Choose a photographer that doesn’t mind travelling with you or being adventurous

    • Build a relationship with the people you want to collaborate with the most. This makes for a great team and a positive reflection on your work

    • Even if you come across a picture of yourself you hate, add it with the others and make a great post about them

    Finally, don’t ever think you aren’t good enough to work with the best. I have been very fortunate to work with photographers and bloggers that are close by. It’s very refreshing to know we all support each other in our own blogging adventures.

    Now – in other crazy blogging news… I’m making a one-day, quick trip travel guide. I’ll tell you the whole story another day, but, Anna and I took these pictures alongside Maggie in Bywater New Orleans. Bywater is a hop over from the French Quarter in a beautiful neighborhood full of bright, colorful houses and greenery. It is also right beside Crescent Park with trendy restaurants and live music on just about every corner.

    These tee-shirts are from Dazey L.A. They have 70’s vibe that empowers women. Check them out because they are so CUTE!!!  If you are interested in purchasing one of these fun tee-shirts for festival season, you can use Maggie’s code: BRADSHAW

    Best Wishes,

    Kacie, Anna, and Maggie

    Pictures | Here by Maggie Bradshaw

    Anna Buller and her blog Here

    DazeyLA Tees Here

    Location | Visit New Orleans


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