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  • Through My Lens | 6 Simple Travel Ball Reflections

    Hi everyone, boy have I had a doozy the past couple of weeks. I had to take a week just to get my blog up and running again. My blog was attacked by a virus and it took so much hard work to get it back up and running again. Now, I’m just working on restoring my web design.

    I want to round up our previous weekend of games quickly – we advanced to Triple AAA and I’m so glad we did. The last game was a beat down with the score blowing them out of the water. Advancing to Triple AAA will make us stronger even if we don’t win. Competing with older and strong players will give everyone a chance to excel even if the games don’t go in our favor. HURRAY!!

    Baseball: is a bat-and-ball game played between two opposing teams who take turns batting and fielding.

    If only life was this simple. I was originally thinking of a “cool” baseball write-up about our team advancing to the Triple AAA division but after reading our parent’s comments, my mindset changed. I have copied and pasted a few comments from our Xtreme Facebook page. These beautiful comments are in no particular order ….

    I love how supportive they are to each other!!!

    That picture needs to be enlarged, printed and framed; that is a GREAT picture!

    Is Logan playing with Patton’s hair? Ha-ha, too cute. We aren’t just a team, we are family.

    They are still little boys! We just think they are big. Next year when this pic comes back up we will say, look how small they were. Time is not kind!

    Love this picture!!

    Juggling all of the practices, washing endless loads of laundry, countless hours at the ballpark & eating concession stand food. Just to watch our favorite player do what they love!!

    Just want give a HUGE shout out to our boy’s coaches. We praise our boys but without the passion and guidance that their coaches give them, who knows how these tournaments would turn out. Not taking anything away from our boys but our coaches need credit too. Over the weekend I saw a coach show his passion for our boys because of calls on balls and strikes. So, thank you for all you do and taking care of our boys. Also a big shout out to all the parents. I love how we all get along and support one another and each other’s child.

    I am so glad to be a part of this team. I think our boys have so much fun compared to other teams. I can remember at State when the other team was doing drills and then sitting like frogs on a log during the rain delay and our boys were dancing and chasing and Paul was doing a jig on the field. They are having fun

    As in all relationships, positive communication is a key component in maintaining a strong family foundation. It allows family members to make their needs and feelings known. This applies to whomever you are surrounding yourself with – friends, co-workers, and the type of community you involve yourself in. Thankfully, our baseball community is nothing short of positivity. When you are in the midst of our Xtreme games, you can often hear words of encouragement from our dugout. In fact, I once heard one of our coaches say, “if you see someone down on themselves, be sure to lift them up”. This is just an example of positive communication being displayed – and it starts with us parents. Here are some good housekeeping rules while you’re at your next ballgame… cause remember – it starts with moms and dads.

    1. Listen to your players.  Validate them and demonstrate that they are loved and respected. Most coaches will agree that they often can’t figure out exactly why a player does what he does on the field. But instead of hollering at them, let them know you understand their feelings.

    2. Try to avoid telling your players that what he feels is wrong and don’t minimize their feelings by saying things like, “it’s ridiculous to miss a fly ball,” or “that was so stupid”.

    3. Get creative – ask them about different scenarios or possible outcomes or role-play the situation with them in order to allow their brains to look at things from different perspectives.

    4. Hours and hours doesn’t need to be spent practicing.

    5. When something doesn’t go your way as a coach or parent, strive to calmly and patiently communicate your own thoughts and feelings. Kids take their cues from US!

    6. Lastly, try to always be present at your child’s game. We are models for our children and they mirror our behaviors as a whole.

    Best Wishes,



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