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  • A Mother|Daughter Travel Guide Around the French Quarter

    There’s no place I would rather be than with my mom. Whether that’s soaking up the sun at a hot and dirty baseball field or exploring one of the world’s best cities.  I love nothing more than experiencing new places and finding exiting things to do with her.

    This Mother’s Day I brought my mom to New Orleans so she could see what all the hype has always been about. When I visit somewhere new, I like to get a true feel of what it has to offer. I also knew this would be my mother’s first time in the Big Easy, so I wanted her experience to be just as embracing as it was for me.


    Parking in the French Quarter can be challenging, as there are not a lot of parking places to spare.

    • If you want to tour the French Quarter, you are going to want to park in the parking lot across from The Shops at Canal Place. To me this is the closest and safest area to park and it’s central to all of the hot spots.

    • Parking doesn’t come free or cheap! Keep in mind that you will have to pay for parking. I would bring cash for this. It cost my mom and I $30 for 4 hours.

    Getting Around

    After parking, I wanted my mom to embrace the local culture, get out and about and see all the sights. As excited as I was, I knew I wouldn’t be able to show her everything, so we took a short ride on a street car. It was so funny because my mom was freaking out about reading the streetcar sign which said (exact change)… and if you know my mom then you know how she is. We had a great, short-lived two second ride as we jumped off in the flea market of the French Market.

    • $1.25 fares that have to be paid with exact change with you board. You are able to purchase day fares as well. Along with one, three and 31-day unlimited ride passes. They range from $3, $9, to $55.

    • There are all sorts of taxis, carriage rides, and many other options to get from one place to the other – but for me, a streetcar would be something special for my mom to do.


    The French Quarter as taken on a life of its own with a mixture of all things old and new and has attracts more people than ever! I try to always stay away from tourist nick knack stores but here are a few places I brought my mom that you don’t want to miss.

    Head to Toe – 816 Deacatur Street  | They have the most amazing purses from Mary Francis.

    Pop City  Fun Rock’n – 940 Decatur Street | The best New Orleans nick knacks

    Shop Forever New Orleans – 606 Royal Street | Home Décor

    Roux Ryale check spelling – 600 Royal Street | The BEST New Orleans home and kitchen accessories.  I caught my mom going to the free samples of soft and creamy pralines five times!

    Eat, Eat, and Drink

    Since I was taking my mom to New Orleans for Mother’s Day, I wanted to take her somewhere special besides the pop-up hot dog buggy that rolls through the streets. Two places I had in mind for appetizers and drinks where Brennan’s on Royal Street and Court of Two Sisters also located on Royal Street.

    Court of Two Sisters – come to find out, you had to have a reservation if you wanted to sit on the patio area. Inside was the main dining area surrounded with a lovely buffet. Make sure if you want to sit in the patio area you RSVP!!

    Brennan’s – was pretty much the same vibe and had to make a reservations, as they were all booked. So if you are looking to go to these please make sure you call in advance.

    Bubba Gump Shrimp – we ended up eating at Bubba Gump Shrimp. It was delicious but it will cost you! My mom and I both had a non-alcoholic mango Mojito. She ordered the red beans and rice and I ordered the snow crab legs.

    These are the photos I dream about looking back on later in life. Not always the poses and hands in the air but the genuine moments like giggling with my mom over the EXACT change, thinking about her walking around the flea market and wanting to buy everything in sight, and me constantly gazing off thinking how I never want my time to end with her. My personal favorite is the image of her getting her 5/10 sample of candy.

    Best Wishes,



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