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  • Five Travel Ball DIYs For Your Little Fans

    I’ve got a real travel ball treat in store for you guys today, (it involves some of my favorite summertime things, including DIYS, pops of color, and photographs), and is coming at you right before we head to our state tournament this weekend.

    Now how many times have you heard “time blue”, not because of a particular play in error, which ends in the coach running toward the pitchers mound but rather than another ball that has magically made its way on the field. Usually it’s the proud owner of a sibling that has overthrown an old shoe representing first base.

    It is perhaps surprising that our little fans don’t have much to offer at times so here are some tips that may help you during your next weekend on the road.

    1. Bubbles

    Bubbles have been the college trend this season and have been a great source of entertainment for our kiddos as well. It’s cheap and you can always go to the bathroom for free refills 😉

    2. Sidewalk Chalk

    I suggest that you have a cool spot for the kiddos, preferably under a tent or canopy.

    3. Spirit Signs

    Have the kiddos make their favorite players spirit signs on poster paper with washable makers! (I’ll be posting more pictures of this later)

    4. Little Photographers

    This is probably one of my favorite ideas! Allow your little ones to take pictures at the games. Inside of breaking out the high dollar cameras, purchase a throw away camera. They usually come in packs of two and are less than 15.00! You never know what their imaginations will capture!

    5. Monster Shakers

    Distract the other time with these adorable DIY shakers. Here is what you will need …

    • bowls
    • Monster eyes
    • Glitter
    • Beans
    • Hot glue gun and sticks
    • Popsicle sticks
    • Any add ons like these bottle brush sticks


    Hot glue popsicle sticks to bowl. Next hot glue whatever you want as the “hair” as I did with the bottle brush sticks. On the back side of the same bowl hot glue eyes. Add the beans in the bowl.

    On a different plate add a players number with glue and glitter. Place a circle of hot glue around the entire rim of plate and lay directly on top of the other bowl.

    Bam! You have the cutest noise makers!!

    Best Wishes,



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