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  • 7 Survival Items You Need For Your Glamping Experience

    When you’re playing under the trees, as anyone who spends time outdoors knows things don’t always go as planned. However, there is always something to be learned, even when days entail belly laughs and high fives. These tales of adventure make up for those lessons learned along the way. I have had my fair share of misadventures in the country, no doubt, but nothing compares to a recent glamping adventure that was too close to a near death experience.

    The plan was to stay at Louisiana Cajun Mansion for our first ever glamping experience. As a Louisiana lifestyle blogger, that was nothing short of excitement as I was already preparing a great collaboration with the brand in Youngsville, Louisiana. I was excited, a little uncertain, and somewhat anticipating being one with nature, but mostly excited to share the experience with my crew of girlfriends.

    Growing up, camping trips were not a part of my family’s summer traditions. I wanted to experience more than what my childhood memories consisted of when it came to camping in the back yard. An old sheet hanging from the clothesline was the limit to my wilderness camping goals. This intrigued me from the time I had my first sleepover, (outdoors) I always dreamed of recreating an adult camping trip with my girlfriends. This night was to embark on nothing more than deep conversations around the campfire, and escaping life with a glass of wine. It’s so funny how the movement of generations can change, because the word camping is now modernized to what you called, “glamping” which is nothing more than an unique way to be accommodated in nature.

    That morning everything was loaded by 11:00am and we hit the backroads near Kisatchie National Forest, and me being the adventurous soul I am, I detoured down many backroads. You know the kind – the sort of road you need a good set of tires and suspension to reach. We had many of those stop-and-go selfie moments, so by the time we rolled into the glamping site, it was well off in the afternoon and pizza greeted us for dinner by the pool.

    Ahh – the girls’ night of glamping was in full swing. It was nothing short of chillaxing, as you could hear our laughter echoing through the huge, beautiful pecan trees. Living amongst nature was my dream, and here I was with great company.

    By the time we wrestled getting a nice fire going for our s’mores we hit the board games like little girls playing with Barbie’s.  I fed off my friends laughing and the hilarious game of, ‘Cards Against Humanity’. By midnight we left ‘Jenga’ in a mound of destruction, and our old age had us crawling in the tent, all you could hear was the sounds of resident crickets that help put us right to sleep. My attraction toward the outdoors never faded. Glamping at it’s finest.

    They say 3:00am is the Devils time, and after this night, I will vouch for that until the day I die.

    All I remember was waking up to pure frantic. The sound of what I thought was coming from an Earthquake. I jumped from my air mattress, to the sight of one of my girlfriends, diving under another air mattress. As if she was literary taking cover for her life. The sound was getting closer as it trembled beneath our tent, and the sound of erratic limbs snapping in half. My eyes could only focus on another girlfriend smothered by the side of the tent, from the overpowering gust of wind, which connected to the trembling sound of thunder. I just knew someone was about kill the five of us through the chaos and uproar from the tent blowing around in every direction #deathbyglamping was not something we signed up for! No sooner than I could get to our only escape route, one of my girlfriends blasted out the tent like a cannon. The next thing I heard was her shouting, “A – F*cking tree just fell on us guys!!

    ***enter the next chapter of our glamping adventure …

    The reality of this situation was only a few bumps and bruises, but plain and simple God had an Angel over us that night. By the crack of the early sun raising, tree rubbish was everywhere around us. Broken limbs and leaves scattered like confetti, and all five of our perspectives started sinking in that was nothing short of distressing. Our adrenal glands were tapping, and our stomach in knots, our heads hurting, and eyes burning for lack of sleep, and a goose egg topped my knee from falling.

    After a hectic night of glamping, the way home was different from our road trip there.  We shared a new bond, it’s a story we will find ourselves telling around a campfire with a laugh and a shake of a head. Im totally aware this will not be our last misadventures of the outdoors together. Accidents happen and there are always variables you can’t fully control. The next time we meet with unexpected setbacks (like a pecan tree falling on us) in the great outdoors, We’ll trust in each other to problem solve and handle a freak accident with confidence. I would do it all over again even if we had IV’s in our foreheads and tree limbs sticking out our ears!

    If you are considering going on a glamping trip with your crew of girlfriends here are seven suggestions in case you are stuck in a glamping situation.

    1. Call Button: A suggestion would be to place a call button in the tent leading to the main service of humanization.

    2. Vodka: Not just for morning Mimosa’s, but Vodka can be used as a disinfectant or a mild pain reliever.

    3. Lip Balm: Start carrying around lip balm, especially if you are out amongst nature. Lip Balm is a total skin repair. Slide over scratches or cracked skin. The waxy, oil is a great fire starter.

    4. Cell Phones: Make sure your cell phones are charged (bring extra charger if you don’t have a plug in) and sleep with them. You never know if a tree is going to fall on you or something worse, keep your phones in arms reach.

    5. Bike Light: They’re highly portable and usually more powerful than a headlamp or hand torch.

    6. Duct Tape: Relieves blisters and so much more! Also, great way to patch up tents.

    7. Sheet: If you are hot natured during your summer camping trips, at least, have a sheet with you. You never know if you are going to need a knot for something or use the sheet as a bandage for wrapping.

    Best Wishes,

    From the Glampers


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