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  • My 2018 Favorite Luxury Products

    If you’re a fan of trying new products, or not, I’m sure you’re bound to love some of my top 2018 products I can’t live without this year. I’ll be digging deeper into some these beauty details soon! However, some of you may already be familiar with them, if you’re not I’m happy to introduce them to you now!

    My mom has always PREACHED about the importance of moisturize since I was a little girl. You people just don’t knooooow! She still preaches every day to me and I will always remember her voice forever more in my head about the importance of taking care of your skin.

    Here are my top favorite I’m in love with this year..

    Skin Care

    1. The entire line of the Charlotte Tilbury collection has stolen my heart. No joke. I’m reaching my late 30’s now, and the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue, anti-aging eye cream is my best friend. It’s a little pricey for a small amount, but I love the way it feels. Worth the cost. Under my eyes feel so hydrated within hours after applying.

    2. Another favorite of mine is the Aurelia Probiotic skincare line. I love this line because it’s all BioOrganic ingredients. I have both the day and night moisturizer, and I added the Eye Revitalizing Duo to the collection as well. The Brighten Eye Dew has a rollerball and I absolutely love it! The eye cream also comes with it’s own little scoop for easy applying. It’s great for eczema, acne and inflammatory skin conditions.

    3. While I also use the Dior skincare line, I don’t particularly love the Capture Totale Skin Advance. I do love how it has a refill bottom. You can also bring yoru refill bottle back to Dillards, which allows you to save off the original retail price. However, I love this little moisturizer pictures below. It’s really cream. You can purchase the package deal, like I have and try the samples. It’s worth the cost. The package also comes with the Dior Hydra Life Lotion to Foam Fresh Cleanser. I keep it in my shower and use sporadically. I’m not too fond of scent just because it triggers my allergies, so a little dab will do ya! However, you might really enjoy the scent. I think it’s really neat how it turns to foam!

    Hair Care

    I had trimmed a large amount of my long hair off last year, to give it a fresh growth, and I’m so happy I did! It has come back fuller and thinker! I just ordered a few Oribe products and I’m egger to try them. I’ll let you know how they work! I started washing my hair shown down below with this shampoo and conditioner and I love it! I love the way it smells, I love the way it feels, so refreshing. Makes my long hair very easy to brush wet.

    1. Pureology  Hydrating conditioner and shampoo for color treated hair.

    I love styling products but what I love to use is a product to make my hair soft. I’m so in LOVE with the Kevin Murphy line. Seriously, LOVE LOVE them! LOVE! I use the Shimmer Shine. I leave this bad boy in my jeep and spray it all over my head before I get out. It smells so good. I love to shake the bottle up and watch it glitter!

    2. Shimmer Shine by Kevin Murphy

    3. Angel Wash by Kevin Murphy


    Charolette Tilbury Collection. The only makeup I wear is from the Charlotte Tilbury collection.

    Odds and Ends:

    My go-to scent has been by, Jo Malone. More details coming soon on this, for holiday features coming up.

    The only deodorant I have been for a few years now is by Donna Karan. It’s a little expensive but it last FOREVER !

    So there you have it, that completely fill me with excitement. As a fashion and beauty blogger I’m so lucky to be about to share so many wonderful products I come across. I briefly mentioned these products, but I am going to write a more in-depth blog about the products I have discovered. So stay tuned for that!

    Do you stick to one particular brand or do you beauty hop around? I would love to know!

    Best Wishes,

    Kacie Carlson


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