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  • Glamping At Louisiana Cajun Mansion | Youngsville La

    Glamping is slowly but steadily emerging as the next girls’ destination getaway. Here are eight reasons why Louisiana Cajun Mansion Louisiana Cajun Mansion is the next girls night-in! The Louisiana Cajun Mansion is nestled in the heart of Cajun country in Youngsville, La. This place offers the glamping experience like no other: escaping the white noise, slowing you down, and immersing in earth’s enchanting ethos.

    We arrived seeing a very elegant seven-course meal being prepared for a couple that was lodging inside the bed and breakfast. It was a beautiful table setting that screamed romance; from the flower peddles and wine to each course, carefully placed around the table display. It was lovely walking in Louisiana Cajun Mansion. As we began our tour to the glamping site, we passed the pool and outdoor sitting area, which was nothing short of beautiful landscaping.

    After a hectic workweek, my crew of glampers unloaded our gear and hit the pool. We met the lovely couple that was staying in the bed and breakfast.  They were there celebrating her birthday.  As we were enjoying a nice conversation with them the owner began to explain the meals and then amenities that Louisiana Cajun Mansion had to offer. So look forward to another post when I stay and experience the bed and breakfast side. The owner likes to keep the two experiences separate.

    Everything is there ready and waiting for you, so you don’t have to worry about lugging heavy gear or where we were going to set up camp for the night, all you have to do is softly slink into and inhabit while you can collect your thoughts and meditate on the experience. Our glamping hostess was the sweetest girl. She checked on us and brought us anything we needed. Extra blankets, pillows, and even fire starter for our wood! She was seriously the coolest host and we appreciated her greatly!

    I’m not one to “rough it” so thankfully Louisiana Cajun Mansion offers free WIFI and bathhouses poolside. You can also opt for an upgrade with breakfast in the mornings if you choose too. The glamping site is tailored perfectly for a girls’ night stay, with first aid kits, rope lighting, wood decks, and A/C units.

    The next morning we woke up to breakfast by the pool and hot coffee. It was a great girls’ getaway with no need to worry if your eyelashes fell off from dancing to hard the night before. It was a very nice trip to experience.

    Louisiana Cajun Mansion is always waiting to hear from you. Here are a few reasons and suggestions from our recent girls’ trip that may help guide another crew of glampers in the future.

    1. The Experience: great hostess, well taken care of, bonding, and chilling out

    2. The Food: top notch Cajun cuisine

    3. Sites: road trips on the scenic route

    4. The Nature: it’s nice to unwind and feel at peace from your busy, everyday lives

    5. You Won’t Break The Bank: very affordable. We split the cost with all amenities

    6. Your Youth: break out the board games, have deep conversations, and experience the true meaning of a bonfire.

    7. Tradition: Make it a yearly, monthly, or every other month tradition when you need a little down time with the girls.

    8. The Hospitality: we can’t thank Louisiana Cajun Mansion for their kindness. Ms. Sandra was ready to serve and happily revealed to us everything this beautiful bed and breakfast had to offer.

    Best Wishes,
    Kacie Carlson

    ****this post is sponsored by the Louisiana Cajun Mansion

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