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  • Off The Beaten Path |Alabama Safari Park

    Right off interstate 65 in-between Mobile and Montgomery, Alabama is a 350-Acre safari experience that takes you off the beaten path.

    For a couple of years now my dad has spotted a sign called, Alabama Safari Park. Intrigued by this, we always wanted to check out what the safari had to offer, but usually limited to time and undergoing treatments the opportunity for us to stop has never been possible. This past Sunday finally having the extra spare time, we found ourselves gliding along the tails of the Alabama Safari Park.

    The safari park takes you right up close and personal with one of-a-kind exotic animals and here are the pictures to prove it. With that in mind, I’m here to tell you what you should expect to experience along the dusty, dirt road that takes you around the beaten path.

    To make sure you are getting the most out of your safari here are my own personal fun facts, tips, and advice from our car we found useful.

    1. Let the 45-minute journey began. You will arrive at the Alabama Safari Park gift shop first. Here you will purchase your tickets, feed, and any other safari gear that suits your fancy.

    ***And do allow me to warn you to read the booklet you will receive of the safari FIRST! Trust us on that!

    You will be greeted by the sweetest Llamas awaiting for your attention – ok, really your bucket of feed, but who’s complaining right? Surely not me nor the Llamas! The Llamas mostly gravitated toward my mother, which allowed me to capture some of the heartfelt pictures below.


    • Llamas are twice the size of Alpacas, and have much longer ears that stand straight up
    • Llamas don’t bite, they spit, but mostly at each other
    • Llamas wool is light, warm, and water resistant

    2. An Emu might not be the prettiest creature in the animal kingdom, but they sure are an interesting bird to watch. When feeding the Emu watch how they tend to throw up and catch the feed. Impressive!

    Fun Facts:

    • Emus have two sets of eyelids, one for blinking, and one to keep the dust out
    • Make Emus grunt like pigs – ‘did you expect anything different from a man’
    • Emus can run 31 miles per hour

    3. Traveling along the front of the park still, you will come across more Llamas, and beautiful deer that will continue to greet you along the beaten path. The deer are from the Springbok family – I’m guessing, thanks google! The deer are nothing shy of stunning and nothing short of photogenic.

    Fun Fact:

    • They don’t need much water
    • Most active at dawn and dusk
    • One of the fastest animals on the planet at 60 miles per hour

    4. What is a safari without beautiful Zebras! Having literally a front-row seat to capture their beauty is unlike anything else. In fact, I’ll never forget my moms hand reach out to run her beautiful fingers through their slick hide.

    Fun Facts:

    • Zebras sleep standing up
    • Only in groups are they aware of danger
    • Other names include: Zebdonk, Zonkey, Zebrass, and Zorse

    5. On the backside of the land, Wildebeest were grazing on the fresh cut grass and it made a great safari moment to capture through my lens. Passing through this moment, we came a crossed a family of cattle. I do know this cattle is a different breed from the normal cows you see, however I don’t know the exact name of this creature. I do know their long, large horns sets them apart from any other herds.

    Fun Facts:

    • Back in time, cattle was a symbol of wealth and power
    • The horns allow dispersal of excess body heat
    • Cattle is not common in zoos, mostly only private breeders

    ***another deer along the beaten path

    6. Funny enough we came across a buffalo. I hate buffalo. Mainly because buffalo gross me, OUT. I have a dear friend that raises them, and once while visiting she made me feed them. She failed to warn me that buffalo do not take feed from you gracefully. Which, was to her humor at my expense, and I will admit it was rather funny – love you Man-DY! Their grossly, long tongs, hang out their mouths and slobber dangles from the fur around their mouths. **Hold on while I barf real quickly.

    I had to let my mom experience feeding them on her own, as I did.

    Fun Facts:

    • They make great hamburgers and jerky 😊

    Ending the safari, we came across rather large camels. This will be a separate story/blog all on its own. Serval hundred dollars later, we could have paid for you and your family to join us on the tour.

    Alabama Safari Park offers a petting zoo with two beautiful giraffes you can feed and send time with. We were unable to do so because of our camel accident, but I will be taking my mother on another tour here in Louisiana, that allows you to connect with more giraffes.

    Goats and pigs are also included with the petting zoo.

    Budgie adventures are also popular in the park. For 1.50 you can purchase feeding sticks that allow the birds to perch on your shoulder or head – or wherever, once again we were unable to tour this part of the tour because of our camel accident. We still have our feeding sticks, so I will be able to mail them to anyone who needs the extra feed. 😊

    Overall, it was worth the experience. It was a beautiful memory I will live with forever. If you’re looking to break away from the crowded interstate or looking for a small get-away trip keep Alabama Safari Park in your mind. For more information about the park, you can visit their website Here and their Facebook page Here

    Best Wishes,



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