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  • The Shed Located In Ocean Springs Mississippi | Traveling Food Guide

    This was our second round of chemo traveling back under the September bright sun. I woke up squinting my eyes from the blazing morning light through our car window. I knew we were slowing down, but I thought it was only for fueling up, because we had just stopped at Crackle Barrel for breakfast. BUT I never put anything past the two I travel with. I got up reluctantly, to the pot holes that were banging my head on the door glass of the car, and immediately asked where we were!? I looked around to the sight of a junk yard. I literally thought we were either going to get mugged OR we had to stop by a “no name” tire shop. But oh was I wrong! What came out of my dads mouth was the unexpected. “I saw this place on TV, and I hear they have good BarBQue”!

    Like what dad!?

    We marched to the public restroom that was a jump, and hop away from all civilization. Walking to the “out house” I was in a junk yard trans in the neighborhood of trash, while unstoppably whining about the impossible germs along the way.

    Then we finally made our way to “The Shed”. We had to make a mad dash for cover because it started raining. I couldn’t get over the location we were in along interstate I10. Which turned out to look like this ….

    Funny thing about it my dad ordered for us and we ended up getting the pull pork burger. A common dish you’d likely to find. Don’t forget your sides. Bake beans. Corn. Potato salad. In fact, they are served along side with your favorite southern drink, sweet tea. Which looked like this.

    While we were waiting for our food, my mom and toured “The Shed”. We obviously didn’t have a clue what this place was about, but apparently by night, it turns into a real hangout spot with live bands and a cold beverage to suit your fancy. Jokingly, my mom usually has some wise cracks, and we both giggled as she was talking about beer bottles shattering over heads over bar fights. We didn’t see any action but I did get some shots of the flow of the atmosphere.

    This spontaneous stop made by my dad turned out to be one of the best memories of our second round of chemo. The unexpected delight that is better than imagined. I guess then, again, trusting a man that likes to eat with mindfulness and ease is what is essential to have a truly enjoyable time over a cherished meal.

    In between the leaky shed roof and our noisy slurps, we embraced my dads navigating skills and it put a great spin on my birthday weekend, and collected simple, imperfect happiness like this and smiled gratefully upon it. Otherwise, how should we endure this unforgiving scorching first weekend of fall?

    Best Wishes,


    **please click on the link below to see just how popular The Shed is …

    Ocean Springs

    7501 Hwy 57

    Exit 57 off I-10 North 1,000 yards

    Ocean Springs, MS 39565

    The Shed BBQ

    was quite a heavenly feeling.


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